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N.T. Wright on Ephesians, part 2

The systems of this world want to force us into their mold; live in their way, but part of the point of being the Church means we can be the sort of family through whose mere existence the principalities and … Continue reading

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We are God’s poem; His art work; N.T. Wright on Ephesians

N.T. Wright offers a simple, refreshing, and practical look at Ephesians. Here is part 1: Jesus launched his heaven-on-earth project, and it is not going away until one day it is fully completed.–N.T. Wright We are God’s poem; God’s art … Continue reading


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The Imagination of C.S. Lewis

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Easter as Salvation that Good Friday Accomplished

Gerald Hiestand observes: Easter is not merely the proof — the “bill of sale” –  that Good Friday accomplished salvation, but rather is the salvation that Good Friday accomplished! Easter is the ultimate telos of Good Friday. A soteriology that too narrowly focuses on … Continue reading

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