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Living the Double Life

Luther says that in Christ every Christian leads a kind of double life. In Philemon, Paul is not just a prisoner, he is also the embodiment of Christ, who reconciles and pays our debts. Lutheran scholar John Nordling observes: There … Continue reading

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Praise as a Perpetual Psalm

I found this gem in Spurgeon: This submission to law is praise. Obedience is homage; order is harmony. In this respect the praise rendered to Jehovah from the “bodies celestial” is absolutely perfect. His almighty power upholds all things in … Continue reading


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Would you pay for on-line news?

eBook Newser reports: A recent survey conducted by Adweek/Harris Poll found that 4 out of 5 Americans would refuse to pay for online news. of those who’d pay, most (14%) would only pay less than $10 a month and only … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Reconciliation

Luther said that in Philemon, Paul is “playing Christ in the drama.” The drama of Philemon is the drama of reconciliation; not merely between Philemon and Onesimus, but reconciliation within the koinonia of the body. The church is constantly bombarded … Continue reading

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