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Communion Meditation: Old Men and Young Children

The Psalm is exhaustive. This indicates that Yahweh does not like to leave people out in the duty of worship. If God is so deeply interested in having creation exalt Him, why is it so common for men to limit … Continue reading

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Exhortation: That we might have life in His Name

The resurrection is the most important article of our faith. St. John tells us that the resurrection is given to us, so we may have life in his name. Our very identity is connected with the identity of the resurrected … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter, Psalm 2, Genevan Psalter

Continuing my project to record all 150 Genevan Psalms, here is Psalm 2. Here is Psalm 1.

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Paul embodies the life of reconciliation. But reconciliation is not devoid of tact and graciousness. In Paul’s appeal to Philemon he begins with grace and greetings, rather than accusation and forceful terms. Paul’s reconciliatory letter is a mediatorial letter. Pastors–in … Continue reading

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