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Lenten Quote, Day 39

The reproach: My people, What have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer me! I led you out of Egypt; but you led your Savior to the Cross. For forty years I led you safely through the … Continue reading

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It occurred to me that the earthquakes indicate the dismantling of the Old World system where death and the devil ruled. The earthquake served as a tearing apart (the veil, certainly) of the order that was once predominant. The earthquake … Continue reading

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Assurance and Counseling

I have been reading through Jay Adam’s 1975 The Use of the Scriptures in Counseling. I have interviewed him at Trinity Talk (See interviews here), and beyond that, I have also sought his counsel in a few counseling situations in … Continue reading

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Leithart’s Homily on the Cross

I have read this homily probably ten times during the Lenten Season. It is, in my estimation, one of the greatest Good Friday homilies ever written. The cross is the wood on the altar of the world on which is … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Symbolism

One of the important elements of the gospel resurrection accounts is that so much of the language reflects the glory of the resurrection. In Matthew’s gospel, there is a reference to the “first day” (vs. 1); a clear reference to newness. … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 38

The cross of Christ which shines so brightly for the redeemed casts a dark shadow on the sin that defies God’s will. –James B. Funsten

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Maundy Thursday Confession of Sin

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6 CONFESSION OF SIN Most merciful God, we confess that we have … Continue reading

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Library E-Books Coming to Kindle

From eBook Newser: Amazon has bowed to the inevitable. Today it announced that you would soon be able to borrow eBooks from your local library and read them on your Kindle. The service is going to launch later this year … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 37

The cross is not a contradiction of God’s Lordship, but its most dramatic expression and revelation. He is the Lord even in the place that is most opposed to Him, and He exercises this Lordship for us. –Douglas Wilson

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Angels Descending…

The angel descends to move the stone (Mat. 28). This descending is an indication that heaven and earth are coming together. They are fulfilling the Lord’s Prayer for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. This fortunate and blessed angel has … Continue reading

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Word and Broken Bread

“The word without the bread is not enough to open our eyes to the living, risen Jesus. The Word without bread is detached from real life; the bread without the Word turns into a magic act. But when the scriptures … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Lent

Fellow CREC pastor in Poland, Pawel Bartosik, has written a short, but compelling piece on the necessity of keeping Lent.

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Collect of the Day

Collect of the Day: Tuesday in Holy Week O God, by the passion of your blessed Son you made an instrument of shameful death to be for us the means of life: Grant us so to glory in the cross … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 36

The cross is the wood on the altar of the world on which is laid the sacrifice to end all sacrifice. The cross is the wood on which Jesus burns in His love for His Father and for His people, … Continue reading

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The Origin of Nominalism

“The real origin of nominalism is to be found in all churches that refuse to discipline in terms of their baptism, whatever their practice of baptism may be” (To a Thousand Generations, p. 7).

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From the Past: Betrayal in the Garden

Here is a re-posting of my Good Friday homily last year. Betrayal in the Garden Homily: People of God, there is a venomous snake in the garden. While the great Messiah and his disciples enter the garden, a certain snake-like-figure … Continue reading

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Midday Prayer: The Daily Office for Monday, 18th – Holy Week

O God, make speed to save us. O Lord, make haste to help us.Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 35

The cross is the light of the world; on the cross Jesus is the firmament, mediating between heaven and earth; the cross is the first of the fruit-bearing trees, and on the cross Jesus shines as the bright morning star; … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: The Table for Disciples

At this table Jesus is the Host who welcomes us.  But Jesus is also coming to us; He comes to His own house, but we are His household servants who should be found busy in His business when He arrives.  … Continue reading

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Exhortation: The Suffering and Vindicated Servant of Yahweh

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The Prophet Isaiah (chp. 50) speaks by the inspiration of the Spirit of the obedient servant. He writes that the servant is ready to confront … Continue reading

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On Jesus’ Victory

Doug Wilson writes: Not only did Jesus conduct the victory parade before the victory, but His victory, when He came to it, was accomplished by dying, and not by killing. He crushed the serpent’s head by allowing Himself to be … Continue reading

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How Much Sleep is Important?

Maggie Jones writes in the New York Times that those who sleep 4-6 hours a night are deceiving themselves if they think they are getting enough sleep. She concludes the fascinating article by stating: Still, while it’s tempting to believe … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

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Lenten Quote, Day 34

This is a Lenten collect: Almighty God, whose most dear Son went not up to joy but first he suffered pain, and entered not into glory before he was crucified: Mercifully grant that we, walking in the way of the … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Psalm 23, The Great Battle Hymn

I have probably sung four to six different version of Psalm 23. Yet, the Genevan version by far is the only one that represents the war-theme of Psalm 23. It stays away from the common (yet, beautiful) soft and sentimental … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 33

Embracing the crucified Lord means embracing His Lordship. –Sermon Excerpt

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Triune Love at the Cross

Peter Leithart writes: The cross is the work of the Father, who gave His Son in love for the world; the cross is the work of the Son, who did not cling to equality with God but gave Himself to … Continue reading

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Donkeys and Horses

Jesus rides on a donkey on Palm Sunday. He comes as bringer of peace. He brings a kingdom not enforced by a sword, but by shalom. The people respond with great joy and shouts (John 12) to His coming. However, … Continue reading

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A Lenten Sermon: Martha’s Resurrection Theology in Light of Death; John 11

Audio Sermon Sermon: You may be familiar with the great artist Giotto’s famous painting entitled The Raising of Lazarus. The painting is a sermon in and of itself. Giotto portrays Jesus as Creator when He lifts His hands in the … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 32, on Palm Sunday

We recognize Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as an act of great defiance. This is the city of his destiny. This is the city in which his enemies will rise up and kill him. Still he comes, comes to “give his … Continue reading

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