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How is Jesus known?

The Gospel of Luke paints a splendid portrait of how we come to know the risen Christ, and how this risen Christ calls us to renew our zeal for His service. The disciples on the road to Emmaus are saddened … Continue reading

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Confession Anyone?

Here is a piece I wrote some time ago on the relationship between confessions and the Scriptures.

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From Bread to Wine

Jim Jordan observes: “Biblical liturgies, and for us this means the Lord’s Supper, encapsulate the sequence of biography and history. Because we have rejected God, we have also rejected the life He has planned for us, both individually and as … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Greatest Response…

The greatest response to liberalism, pietism, Gnosticism, existentialism, and every other dangerous “isms” that exists today in the world is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. –Sermon Excerpt

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Death Precedes Life

My exposure to Rosenstuock-Huessy have come mainly from my dear brothers Jim Jordan, Peter Leithart, and Rich Bledsoe. I have been cautiously delving into I am An Impure Thinker. I found this gem right in the beginning (Moltke quotes Huessy): … Continue reading

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The Anglican Church of Canada says “no” to communion without baptism

In a rare moment of sobriety, the Anglican Church of Canada has rejected a call to give non-baptized people access to the Lord’s Table. From what the article expresses, many churches already allow the non-baptized to partake. The logic is … Continue reading

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