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Glorified, Bodily Resurrection

From this Sunday’s sermon on Luke 24: Jesus is not some ghostly presence sitting at the right of the Father; He is the bodily, ascended Lord. Jesus is our resurrection model. For us, this means that any image we may … Continue reading

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Truth Must be Socially Represented

Rosenstanck-Huessy viewed truth as social necessity. Indeed, truth needs to be placed and shared  in the midst of the people. Paul makes a similar point in Philemon when he spoke about the fellowship (koinonia) of truth deepening our understanding of … Continue reading


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Betraying the Lordship of Christ

My faithful Kuyperian friend, Jake Belder, offers a great quote from David Bosch’s December 1979 issue of the Journal of Theology for Southern Africa. The quote is lengthy, but here is the concluding paragraph: If we forget this we commit the same … Continue reading

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