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Trinity and Selfishness

Another parishioner, Kandace Trotter, beautifully summarizes the root of selfishness in our culture when she writes in her well written and researched senior thesis: The selfishness pervasive today does not take into account that God is hospitable, and each person … Continue reading

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Free e-Books

Approximately half the books I read are free on-line books. Here is a list of ten websites that offer free legal eBook downloads. Project Gutenberg Free-eBooks.net Fictionwise.com Scribd.com Feedbooks.com Literature.org Open Library Bartleby.com Authorama Universal Digital Library at Carnegie Mellon … Continue reading

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Leviticus as Resurrection

A thoughtful parishioner, Alice Stout, concludes her research paper on Leviticus 11 and the dietary laws by stating that “Leviticus is a resurrection story. It resounds with the hope of a New Jerusalem because it puts the old to death. … Continue reading

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A Reformed Response to Rob Bell’s Hell

My good friend Luke Welch and I have just finished our review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. I hope it proves to be helpful. Here is our paper as PDF:┬áHe Has Fixed A Day: A Reformed Response to Rob Bell’s … Continue reading

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