Leithart vs. Witherington on Genesis 3:15

Leithart continues his replies to Witherington’s critique of Defending Constantine. The area of critique is based on Leithart’s exegetical arguments. Leithart writes:

I take it that Witherington’s plural “descendants of Eve” is deliberate, and I can agree to some extent:  In the New Testament, Satan is trampled under the feet of the saints (Romans 16:20).  But that is because the plural collective seed of the woman is united with the singular Seed that is Christ, thus forming one Christ, the one seed (Galatians 3).  If Witherington has Abel in mind, I can agree with that too, provided we take Hebrews seriously that Abel is a type of Jesus the Seed.  Any way you slice it, you can’t get Jesus out of the passage, and I’m baffled that Witherington would want to try.

Read the entire response…


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