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Camping’s Chaos

Harold Camping is set to go publicly this evening. The Rapture did not happen as he had predicted. Now, though he is flabbergasted, he is ready to make an official pronouncement. Is it possible that Camping will re-adjust his time … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Podcast

In my http://www.ronpaultwentytwelve.wordpress.com blog, I have re-started the practice I began in 2007. Back then, these podcasts were very successful. I will link to new ones as they become available. They are short little introductions to the political thinking of … Continue reading


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A Prayer for the Saints in Joplin, MO

Most Merciful God, these tragedies remind us that we live in a fallen world. But this fallen world is bound to Your Sovereign will. Even in these times of deep chaos, You are the God of comfort. Sustain the brothers … Continue reading

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