Camping’s Chaos

Harold Camping is set to go publicly this evening. The Rapture did not happen as he had predicted. Now, though he is flabbergasted, he is ready to make an official pronouncement. Is it possible that Camping will re-adjust his time table? Not likely…at least for now. The incalculable damage he has caused in thousands of his faithful listeners will have lasting repercussions in the psychology of belief.

History, however, proves that followers do what they do best: they follow. And thus it is likely that some will continue to be guided by Camping’s chronological gymnastics. Calls for Camping’s repentance have been made , and though it is likely that the rapture “prophet” will make some sort of apology, what is most likely is that he will continue to utter the same sorts of eschatological ideology based on bizarre numerology and strange allegory.

Camping’s chaos teaches at least two things:

First, abandoning the church has severe consequences. Christ’s Bride ensures and proclaims the faithfulness and truthfulness of the Groom. Abandoning the Bride will almost always lead to a departure from the message of the Groom.

But also, and finally, we can learn that the prediction business is really bad science. Be aware of modern day prophets in the airwaves.

Update: Harold Camping is now affirming that May 21st was a spiritual judgment and October 21st is the true physical judgment. He assumed some blame, said that he offered no financial advice, that he is always learning, that people should not view him as infallible, and that third time is a charm…he actually didn’t make the last statement.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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