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Peter Leithart on the Belgic Confession’s View of Baptism

Leithart concludes: If the baptized turns away, he turns away not from a faceless unknown God, but from the Father who claimed him.

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Quarreling, Machen’s Warrior Children, Reformed & CREC

C.S. Lewis argues that quarreling demands a certain a priori knowledge of right and wrong. Quarreling also demands a certain knowledge of the quarreler. I follow–as I have for almost ten years–the Reformed wars. I follow these wars as someone … Continue reading

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Tim Challies Responds to the Piper/Warren Interview

Challies responds to expected interview with Rick Warren. Overall, Challies offers some irenic thoughts on the matter, in the end, doubting, or at least remaining uncertain about the genuineness of Warren’s answers. You can read his analysis here. One of the … Continue reading

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