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Exhortation: Truth and Table

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Is there a simpler, but more profound description of the Church than what we find in Acts 2: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: This Table of the Shepherd

This table belongs to Jesus, King Jesus. This table is the table of the Good Shepherd, the incarnate Shepherd of Israel. He invites the lame and the weak, the outcast and the leper, the publican and the sinner, and promises … Continue reading

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A Disciplined Regiment of Holy Warriors

In his excellent, The Kingdom and the Power, Peter Leithart writes: The church is the disciplined regiment of holy warriors, the household of God, the flock of the Good Shepherd. Because of our baptism into the church, we are under … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Psalm 23, Sons of Korah

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Happy and Holy Homes

Husbands should try to make home happy and holy.  It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest, a bad man who makes his home wretched.  Our house ought to be a little church, with holiness to the Lord … Continue reading

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Trinity and Selfishness

Another parishioner, Kandace Trotter, beautifully summarizes the root of selfishness in our culture when she writes in her well written and researched senior thesis: The selfishness pervasive today does not take into account that God is hospitable, and each person … Continue reading

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Free e-Books

Approximately half the books I read are free on-line books. Here is a list of ten websites that offer free legal eBook downloads. Project Gutenberg Open Library Authorama Universal Digital Library at Carnegie Mellon … Continue reading

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Leviticus as Resurrection

A thoughtful parishioner, Alice Stout, concludes her research paper on Leviticus 11 and the dietary laws by stating that “Leviticus is a resurrection story. It resounds with the hope of a New Jerusalem because it puts the old to death. … Continue reading

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A Reformed Response to Rob Bell’s Hell

My good friend Luke Welch and I have just finished our review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. I hope it proves to be helpful. Here is our paper as PDF: He Has Fixed A Day: A Reformed Response to Rob Bell’s … Continue reading

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Psalm 115; Not Unto Us; Brian Penney

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Truth and Love

A friend asked if love is also essential–or perhaps even more foundational–to unity than truth. Truth cannot be limited to propositions. The telos of truth is not intellectualization, but rather the outworking of its nature in works. Truth acts. There … Continue reading

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Shepherds and Wolves

Calvin observes in his commentary on John 10: No plague is more destructive to the Church, than when wolves ravage under the garb of shepherds. False shepherds are everywhere. This is a further call for ministers to uphold truth. Societies, and … Continue reading

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Third Sunday of Easter; Luke 24:13-35: Resurrection Perplexity and Gospel Confirmation

AUDIO Introduction: People of God, in this gospel lesson we see the end of history breaking in in the middle of history in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Prayer: May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of our … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Mother’s Day and the Rhythm of Resurrection

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. This is Mother’s Day! And this is cause to consider the role of mothers. We cannot begin to think of mothers without speaking of our … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Confusion and Certainty

The Word of God has been preached to give you the spoken Gospel; in this meal, you see and taste the Gospel in bread and wine. The disciples on the road to Emmaus were confused because they had not tasted … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter, Psalm 3, Genevan Psalter

Continuing my project to record all 150 Genevan Psalms, here is Psalm 3. The music sheet can be found here. As always, I am grateful to my friend Michael Owens who has done an enormous work on the Genevan Psalter. … Continue reading

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Glorified, Bodily Resurrection

From this Sunday’s sermon on Luke 24: Jesus is not some ghostly presence sitting at the right of the Father; He is the bodily, ascended Lord. Jesus is our resurrection model. For us, this means that any image we may … Continue reading

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Truth Must be Socially Represented

Rosenstanck-Huessy viewed truth as social necessity. Indeed, truth needs to be placed and shared  in the midst of the people. Paul makes a similar point in Philemon when he spoke about the fellowship (koinonia) of truth deepening our understanding of … Continue reading

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Betraying the Lordship of Christ

My faithful Kuyperian friend, Jake Belder, offers a great quote from David Bosch’s December 1979 issue of the Journal of Theology for Southern Africa. The quote is lengthy, but here is the concluding paragraph: If we forget this we commit the same … Continue reading

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Psalm-Prayer for Easter

Lord, rise up and come to our aid; with your strong arm lead us to freedom, as you mightily delivered our forefathers. Since you are the king who knows the secrets of our hearts, fill them with the light of … Continue reading

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Paul’s use of koinonia in Philemon is a way of describing mutual identification. To be in koinonia with one another is to be mutually identified with that person. It means sharing in sorrow and joy; fellowshipping in biblical truth. For … Continue reading

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What the Liturgy does…

Liturgy transports worshipers into the eschaton. The corporate expression of God’s people on the Lord’s Day is an eschatological experience. In worship, the Spirit pulls us from earth to experience a taste of the world to come in heaven. When … Continue reading

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How is Jesus known?

The Gospel of Luke paints a splendid portrait of how we come to know the risen Christ, and how this risen Christ calls us to renew our zeal for His service. The disciples on the road to Emmaus are saddened … Continue reading

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Confession Anyone?

Here is a piece I wrote some time ago on the relationship between confessions and the Scriptures.

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From Bread to Wine

Jim Jordan observes: “Biblical liturgies, and for us this means the Lord’s Supper, encapsulate the sequence of biography and history. Because we have rejected God, we have also rejected the life He has planned for us, both individually and as … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Greatest Response…

The greatest response to liberalism, pietism, Gnosticism, existentialism, and every other dangerous “isms” that exists today in the world is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. –Sermon Excerpt

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Death Precedes Life

My exposure to Rosenstuock-Huessy have come mainly from my dear brothers Jim Jordan, Peter Leithart, and Rich Bledsoe. I have been cautiously delving into I am An Impure Thinker. I found this gem right in the beginning (Moltke quotes Huessy): … Continue reading

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The Anglican Church of Canada says “no” to communion without baptism

In a rare moment of sobriety, the Anglican Church of Canada has rejected a call to give non-baptized people access to the Lord’s Table. From what the article expresses, many churches already allow the non-baptized to partake. The logic is … Continue reading

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Easter Proclaims the Death of Evil-Doers

There is a kind of symbolism in the death of bin Laden. bin Laden was a tyrant. His death penalty was postponed almost ten years. His death was announced on the 22nd hour of the day on May 1st, 2011. … Continue reading

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Leithart on the death of bin Laden…

I am glad Osama bin Laden is dead.  He was an evil man. And I think the surgical method used to kill him is commendable.  The Bible, especially Judges, endorses assassinations: Kill the head, and the body becomes powerless . … Continue reading

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