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Exhortation: The Strong Name of the Trinity

A blessed Trinity Sunday and a Happy Father’s Day to the fathers in our congregation: Fatherhood is no easy task, especially when you view it through biblical eyes. Biblically,fatherhood is not just the task of raising children, but raising them … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Those who are bread eat bread

Those who are bread, eat bread. Those who are part of this body, eat the body broken. Just as Paul sought the reconciliation of the Corinthians, we too seek continually unity in the body. There is no greater way to … Continue reading

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Baptism Random Notes

A theology of Bridal maturation would not dichotomize, but rather strengthen the spiritual and fleshly nature of the covenant under a new creation. Also, covenant theology is also expansion theology. By making limitations to the New Creation one is decreasing … Continue reading

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New Calvinist on the Block

My old friend Dee Dee Warren has endured a great deal of struggles in the last few years, yet she continues to persevere. She has been one of the leading defenders of Preterism (Orthodox Preterism). Her website came to my … Continue reading

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