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Samson, the Comedian

Leithart observes about Samson: He goes about tearing lions like lambs, posing riddles, lighting foxes on fire, and so on and on. Only moralistic Christians could rob these stories of their inherent humor and interest. Frowning and finger-wagging only makes … Continue reading

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Trinitarian Laughter

One principle of presuppositionalism is that man is fully dependent on God. He thinks and meditates based on God’s creative standard of thinking and meditation. Ungodly man cannot do either without first borrowing from God. As Van Til once put it: … Continue reading

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Taming the Bible

From my sermon The Sacred Violence of Judges: Our evangelical culture has tamed the Bible. They have kept our covenant children away from the sacred violence of Judges. Jesus has become the gentle shepherd holding his sheep, instead of the … Continue reading

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