Voddie Baucham, T.D. Jakes, and the Elephant in the Room

Voddie clarifies the entire ER2 controversy, and adds a few insights to the discussion. His conclusion:

I’m not angry with James MacDonald.  He’s my brother, and I love him.  We disagree.  We both understand that.  Ironically, that’s what The Elephant Room is supposedly all about.  Brothers should be able to disagree with one another and still be brothers.  There’s just one problem:  Embracing Jakes while rejecting others because we question his history of modalism and Word of Faith teaching… that’s the real “Elephant in the Room”?

Additionally, here is James White’s review of the discussion:

Trevin Wax adds an exhortation entitled Grace and Truth Beyond the Elephant Room. He concludes:

So when we engage in conflict, let’s make sure it is out of love for the truth, love for Jesus, love for one another, and love for the people we shepherd. Sometimes we may even stand against a brother on a certain issue, but even when we take an adversarial stance, it ought always to be for the good of that brother and the glory of King Jesus. Let’s take the goal of The Elephant Room seriously and be people who are full of grace and truth.


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