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Exodus and Bedroom

Peterson’s brilliant Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Ministry has been refreshing to re-read after all these years. Here is a stunning observation on the inter-connectedness of life: Life-changing love, massive and overpowering in the history of the Exodus, is celebrated … Continue reading

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Leprosy and Uncleanness

To be a leper in the Bible meant ceremonial uncleanness; it meant distance from God’s special presence. In Mark 1:40-45, Jesus is restoring a man not only from physical uncleanness, but from spiritual uncleanness. By healing this man Jesus is … Continue reading

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Metaxas’ Piercing Words to the President

My friend Todd Leonard brought this to my attention last night. I am only familiar with Metaxas’ name through his Bonhoeffer biography, and a passing reference from Stephen Mansfield, but it will be hard to forget his name from now … Continue reading

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