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Catholic Schools vs. Government Schools

Terrence Jeffrey compares and concludes: The truth is the primary purpose of the average American public school — like the Catholic school — is not to teach children reading and math. It is to develop character — to help assimilate … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as Solo Glory

Fellow CREC Pastor, Toby Sumpter, concludes: There is no such thing as solo glory. There is only glory in community, glory bestowed and received. When Jesus calls us to be light, He’s calling us to serve one another, and to … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Avoiding Worldly Delicacies

This is the Season of Lent. This Season brings us many opportunities to examine our lives in light of Scriptures. On these next five weeks we will draw out the implications of the ministry of our Lord, especially as he … Continue reading

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