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Revelation and Dating

David Chilton’s¬†Days of Vengeance¬†argues in his introduction that Revelation was written before the destruction of the temple in AD 70. This is nothing extraordinary. Many have made the argument throughout the centuries, but Chilton adds to the countless arguments for … Continue reading

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God Loves the Rich

In explaining why God would invite the rich and prosperous (literally, the fat ones) into his banquet, Matthew Henry says: They are not, it is true, urged, by the pressure of present calamities, to seek comfort for grief, but they … Continue reading

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The Pastor and His Family

Though I am in the process of editing a book on the importance of the Church, and the imperative to love the Church as God’s greatest sphere on earth, I also want to stress the significance for pastors to love … Continue reading

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We need a theology of rest

Marva Dawn has been one of the most gifted voices into my own life. Over the years I have been struck by her profound insights into worship, and her counsel to bathe our souls in the psalms. In preaching through … Continue reading

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