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The Young Man in Psalm 119:9

It is interesting that the etymology of the Hebrew nä·ar’ is rooted in the idea of a roaring lion (Jer. 31:58). The young man in Psalm 119 refers then to the genesis of the exploratory phase of his life. He is moving from … Continue reading

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Romney and Mormonism

With the almost inevitable status of Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee, the American public will be getting a good dose of Mormon theology from all sorts of quarters. Some will likely misrepresent Mormonism, while others will present a more … Continue reading

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Faulkner’s Epigraph to Mosquitoes

I am not as erudite or as descriptively verbose, but this is uncontestable: In spring, the sweet young spring, decked out with little green, braceleted with the song of idiotic birds, spurious and sweet and tawdry as a shopgirl in … Continue reading

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