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Zechariah summarized

In Zechariah, Yahweh is disarming the nations. He is promising peace between north and south; a clear foreshadow that peace will be declared to all nations, “and ensured by the presence of a king ruling over a world-wide empire.”[1] [1] … Continue reading

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Why all the joy with the triumphal entry?

It goes back to Psalm 2. Yahweh laughed at his enemies. In Zechariah 9, after ravaging the enemies of Israel in His North to South destruction tour, Yahweh enters Jerusalem to great shouts: Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout … Continue reading

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The Visions of Zechariah

James Jordan has argued persuasively that these visions are creational visions. They parallel the creation account. These visions of Zechariah speak of Yahweh cleansing the temple sight and the high priest, so Israel may re-build the temple and make it … Continue reading


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