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Kirk Cameron, Tolerance, and the Homosexual Agenda

John Stonestreet on The Point offers a brief analysis on Cameron’s interaction with Piers Morgan. He concludes: But the real victims of this intolerance are those who struggle with same sex attraction. They only hear that their identity is determined by their … Continue reading

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God’s Mercy Endures Forever (Psalm 107)

St. Augustine observes that the psalmist can only speak of mercy/love enduring forever and it cannot be time bound “since for this purpose His present mercy is over men, that they may live with the Angels for ever.”

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Genevan Psalm 1 in Korean

{Thanks to David Koyzis}

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Visit with Luke Welch

  I had the pleasure of meeting Luke Welch and family. What a joy to theologize, drink good rum, and feast together for a a few days. Luke and I had the opportunity to write a lengthy response to Rob … Continue reading

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Lenten Sermon: Psalm 19: Creation, Law, and Forgiveness

People of God, as we consider the world around us as Christians, one of the central distinctions we must keep in mind is the Creator/Creature distinction.[1] If we confuse this distinction we will enter into a very dangerous world. Though we … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter, Psalm 19 (Genevan)

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The Purpose of the Law

In a fascinating and humorous article, Debra Murphy exposes the ignorance of law makers, while offering a healthy analysis of the purpose of the Ten Words. Murphy writes: The Commandments don’t speak to a public; they give life within a … Continue reading

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Exhortation: The Ten Words

We are going to hear this morning a reading of the Ten Commandments, or more appropriately, The Ten Words. The Commandments have an appropriate place in the life of the Christian; especially in this Lenten Season. In Exodus, the Law … Continue reading

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Divine Butler and Cosmic Therapist

A post by Melinda Penner in 2005 reminded me of the great responsibility pastors have to project and express a biblical view of life and the world. According to a 2005 study: Most religious youth couldn’t coherently express their beliefs and … Continue reading

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Psalm 19, Brief Observations

This psalm contains a three-fold theme. Creation, the law, and forgiveness serve as testimonies to the glory of God. Creation does not serve as an equal manifestation to the Law-Word, but rather in submission to the Word of the Lord, … Continue reading

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The Continual Demise of the Schuller Empire

Three family members of Crystal Cathedral Founder Robert H. Schuller were fired from their leadership positions in the ministry, officials confirmed Tuesday. {Read the rest}

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Hebrew Chiasm in Psalm 19:2

In Hebrew, the verse is chiastic: A. The heavens B. are telling C. the glory of God. C’. The work of his hands B’. announcing A’. the firmament.

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Everything is Allowed

A parishioner gave me a copy of Randy Alcorn’s collection of quotations about heaven, the new earth, and the life after death. The book is over 600 pages, and I can already imagine myself enjoying it for years to come. … Continue reading

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Athanasius Presbytery

Our semi-annual presbytery met in Branchville, AL. The saints of Christ Church provided an abundance of food, drinks, and southern hospitality. We concluded our meeting with Psalm 46 C.

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Second Sunday in Lent: Psalm 22:23-31

People of God, we will be journeying this Lenten Season through the Psalter. And this morning we come to Psalm 22. This is a psalm generally associated with the crucifixion of our Lord. The words of David in verse one … Continue reading

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Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan

Kirk Cameron was interviewed by Piers Morgan on a variety of topics. Among them was the issue of homosexuality and marriage. Cameron asserted that marriage was defined by God and was as “old as dirt.” Further, he stated emphatically that … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter, Genevan: Psalm 14

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James Jordan and the Simplistic View of the Regulative Principle

In an article of appreciation for James Jordan and his theology, Anthony Cowley quotes extensively from Jordan’s studies on worship. Among them, is a strong critique of the Puritan expression of the regulative principle: The simplistic version of the regulative … Continue reading

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Study on the Book of Revelation

Welcome once again to our study of David Chilton’s Days of Vengeance. I am Uri Brito and I blog at We are going to delve briefly into Chilton’s introduction. There are two important elements in understanding Revelation, and they are to know … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Not a Respecter of Persons

The Psalmist stresses that the afflicted will eat and be satisfied. What greater comfort do we need? He hears our petitions, nurtures us, and shows his great care. We can be certain today that he is repeating that exact process … Continue reading

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