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New Order to the World

Wright in his usual poetic brilliance encapsulates resurrection theology: It is because humankind was created with the purpose of bringing the creator’s order to the world that now, because Jesus is the truly human one, he is invested with the … Continue reading

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Unbridled Rejoicing

We do not merely live out our length of days and then have the hope of the resurrection as an addendum; rather…Christ’s resurrection has set in motion a chain of inexorable events that absolutely determines our present and our future…That … Continue reading

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The Last Enemy

Paul provides an eschatological chronology in I Corinthians 15. This chronology is laid out quite clearly. Paul says in 15:26 (literally translated): “The last enemy is being destroyed, namely death.” The reign of Christ is a consequence to his bodily resurrection/ascension. … Continue reading

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Third Sunday of Resurrection: I Corinthians 15:12-19,The Empty Threat of Death, Part II

People of God, this is the Third Sunday of Resurrection! We will continue our study through Paul’s narrative in I Corinthians 15. This is Paul’s resurrection magnum opus; it is the Bible’s greatest treatment of the bodily resurrection of Jesus, the … Continue reading

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