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The God who is Three and One

In preparing my sermon on Isaiah 6, Phil Walters pointed me to this great quote from St. Pope Gregory the Great: When Isaiah also praising the unity of the Trinity, he says that the voices of the seraphim cried out: … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright and Worship

What are the implications of a ruling Lord for a worshiping community? In this interview, N.T. Wright engages these questions with a robust Lordship theology. Wright observes: I mean worship is quite different when you’re worshiping the one who is … Continue reading

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What is Trinity Sunday?

The Church celebrates this Sunday the blessed, Holy Trinity. God is Three and One. In the calendar, Trinity Sunday follows Pentecost. Pentecost was the pouring of the Spirit (The Third Person of the Holy Trinity) upon an infant Church. Pentecost … Continue reading

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The Trinity and the Explicit Statement Fallacy

The Dispensational rush to explicit statements, in order to prove one point or another fails miserably. This is particularly striking when it comes to the doctrine of the Trinity, and by implication, when it comes to the eternal covenant of … Continue reading

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Covenant as an Aspect of God’s Own Being

Ralph Smith concludes by answering critics of the Trinitarian Covenant: The compellingly consistent and comprehensive character of God’s covenantal relations with the creation suggest that the covenant is not a mere secondary feature of the world, but an aspect of God’s own being (37).

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G.K. Chesterton and the Man Who Was Thursday, A Nightmare

Thomas Kidd continues to write on all sorts of men that I find highly captivating. First, his interest in Patrick Henry has re-alerted me to the titanic figure he was, and just how much we need more Henry’s in this … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan’s “The Suicide of a Superpower”

Buchanan’s not happy. And his latest book reveals it right from the start. Here is a stunning sample of this unfortunate reality: The European and Christian core of our country is shrinking. The birthrate of our native born has been … Continue reading

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Again, if there is such a covenant relationship among the Persons of the Godhead, then as Smith observes: …it ought to constitute the paradigmatic covenant and therefore supply not only the key notion of systematic as well as biblical theology, but also … Continue reading

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Trinitarian Covenant and Adamic Covenant

Ralph Smith in his Eternal Covenant: How the Trinity Reshapes Covenant Theology, asserts that many within the Reformed camp give primacy to the Adamic Covenant over the Trinitarian Covenant: What is remarkable is that the covenant with Adam, though in conception lower … Continue reading

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Andrew Sandlin Preaching at Providence Church on Pentecost Sunday

The vivacious and vibrant, Andrew Sandlin, ministered to us on Pentecost Sunday. Here is his sermon emphasizing the application of Pentecost to the life of the Christian.

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Communion Meditation: The Table as Pentecostal Meal

Brothers and Sisters, This Supper is a Trinitarian event. Here at this table, the Father who is kind to His children offers us the living Bread of His Son, and He does that through the Spirit. Jesus has ascended into … Continue reading

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Graduation Homily to the Trinitas Class of 2012

The Lord be with you. For those of us who follow the Church Calendar, we are approaching Pentecost Sunday. How appropriate to exhort you in a time when much of the ecclesiastical world is preparing to celebrate the divine fire … Continue reading

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Exhortation: A Rushing Wind

The Pentecost Season begins today. We start this season with a new salutation, a new confession of sin, and a new fire. The redness of our congregation is reflective of that. In case someone asks with great curiosity why we … Continue reading

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How Can I Love the Church?

This type of wisdom from parishioners makes pastors rejoice. Tolle Lege! Please take the time and read this entire piece. 1) Read the Word: Our minds are renewed by the reading of His Word, and that renewal includes transforming those selfish … Continue reading

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Creation is Re-Created

Chittister writes: But only here in this time, between the bursting of the Holy Spirit, does the full awareness of what it is to live in Christ, with Christ, and through Christ finally dawn. Indeed, these first Christians were the … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart, Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and One Table

Peter Leithart uses his titanic biblical knowledge to respond to respond to critics of his earlier article I am too catholic to be Catholic. Leithart concludes: Are we in a “Josiah moment” when the divided church can finally share a single feast?  I … Continue reading

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What is Pentecost?

Many Christians know little about the Church Calendar, which means that many evangelicals will  treat this Sunday like any other day. This Sunday marks the beginning of the Ordinary Season (not in the mundane or common sense, but the term comes … Continue reading

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The Rushing Wind

“But when Jesus ascended on high, the spirit descended from on high “like a rush of a mighty wind.” Through this it is made clear that nothing will be able to stand against them and they will blow away all … Continue reading

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Thinking About the Resurrection

In his Raised with Christ, Warnock offers several autobiographical observations about his own renewed appreciation for the Resurrection. In chapter eight–upon studying the apostles’ preaching in Acts–he discovers various ways in which the Resurrection applied. Then he adds: But prior to … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy

Leithart’s excellent article is making its way around the internet. The most salient part of his piece is this: I agree with the standard Protestant objections to Catholicism and Orthodoxy: Certain Catholic teachings and practices obscure the free grace of … Continue reading

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Guarding Children in a Sexualized Culture

Sam Black offers some sound advice on protecting our children from the dangers of a sexualized culture. Here are ten practices: Set clear rules for how the Internet and technology may be used in your home. That will vary based … Continue reading

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Drowning does not look like Drowning

Here is an excellent article every parent should be familiar with as we enter into the pool/beach season.

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Welfare Explained

This is not for the weak of spirit. There is some language, and the logic may kill you. Comments?

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The Symbolism of Revelation: Study # 5

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Memorial Service for Chuck Colson: Dr.Timothy George

I had the great joy of meeting Dr. George in a presbytery meeting some months ago. A close friend of Chuck Colson, Dr. George delivered this moving homily.

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Ascension Sunday: Singing in the Reign, Luke 24:44-53

People of God, we are taking a short hiatus from our I Corinthians 15 study to concentrate on a few significant markers in our Church Calendar. This day we are going to delve into the Ascension of Jesus Christ. I—like … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: The Comfort of the Ascended God/Man

There is great comfort in knowing that Jesus is and always will remain a human being. He did not throw off his humanity when he ascended into heaven. He intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father. He … Continue reading

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Exhortation: The Humanity of the Ascension

Where is Jesus now? The Ascension answers that question. We know that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father. He is ruling and reigning from his heavenly throne. He has given the Father the kingdom, and now he … Continue reading

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Trinity Talk Interview with Jamie Soles

Here is our interview with Christian singer and a dear friend, Jamie Soles.

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Ascension Day means Jesus is Lord

Fellow CREC pastor, Steve Wilkins, offers a good summary of Ascension Day.

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