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Being Human is Good

N.T. Wright presses this point in his outstanding The Resurrection of the Son of God. Paul contrasts the biblical view of the Resurrection with that of the ancients: The problem he faces is not the same as the one Plato and Cicero … Continue reading

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The Appeal of the Resurrection

Paul argues through several analogies from nature in verses 35-41. The purpose of going so far to make the point of the resurrection is, according to Hays, “to make the resurrection of the dead seem appealing rather than appalling to … Continue reading

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Resuscitation or Resurrection?

Richard Hays summarizes Paul’s powerful critique of some of the Corinthians in chapter 15. According to Hays: Paul insists that the concept of “resurrection of the dead” should not be naively understood to refer to the resuscitation of corpses; rather, … Continue reading

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Can Christians Use Birth Control?

This is the question tackled by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He concludes: Therefore, Christians may make careful and discriminating use of proper technologies, but must never buy into the contraceptive mentality. We can never see … Continue reading

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Trinity Talk: Interview with Pastor James Grant

In this interview we discuss James’ commentary on I & II Thessalonians.   The Promise of Hope: An Overview of I and II Thessalonians: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download Uri Brito’s interview with commentary author and theologian, James H. Grant, Jr., on his … Continue reading

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