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New Creation Imagery in First Corinthians

Paul’s series of analogies in 15:37-41 is quite brilliant. He is re-playing the creation account for the skeptical Corinthians. For Paul, this is creational language; the heavenly and earthly bodies, animals, fruit-bearing seed, etc. The apostle is making the case … Continue reading


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The Only Source of Truth

Dr. Timothy LeCroy elaborates on this idea as he reflects on the recent Protestant-to-Rome conversions. He concludes: The only source of truth we have is the Holy Spirit speaking through the scriptures to his people. ¬†The only certain authority we … Continue reading

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Expertise is Overvalued

That’s what¬†Vikram Mansharamani says in the Harvard Business Review. The article argues that generalists are better at navigating uncertainty. In other words, those who know a little about a lot of things fare better in today’s uncertain times. The author … Continue reading

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