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John Piper on the Myth of Same-Sex Marriage

In his recent sermon, which has caused some misunderstandings, John Piper explores the myth of same-sex marriage. He asserts that in fact “there is no such thing as so-called same-sex marriage.” He elaborates further: The point here is not only … Continue reading


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Communion Meditation: Resurrection Food

This new Narnia is more real than Narnia itself. We may be human now, but at the resurrection we will be fully human. The Lord’s Supper is practice for full humanity. We are eating bread and wine given to us … Continue reading

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Why Should We Read Novels?

Cherie Harder, writing for the Trinity Forum blog, offers some compelling reasons to pick up a novel. Among them are: Stories require, develop, and enhance the reader’s empathy. Reading well – or “getting into” a story both requires and engenders … Continue reading

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