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Shameful Bodies

There is a possible misunderstanding of Paul’s use of the word ἀτιμίᾳ in I Corinthians 15:43. Paul is in the process of making four distinctions. In the second distinction he refers to our present bodies as “dishonor.” Some translations may use … Continue reading

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Socialization and Homeschooling

U.S. News reports on the myths about un-socialized home-schoolers: Between deciphering college financial aid awards and settling into a shoe-box sized dorm room with a perfect stranger or two, making the move from high school to college can be a … Continue reading

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A Spirit-Body

To paraphrase N.T. Wright, “much of the evangelical world has bought into the Platonic distinctions.” This distinction includes a separation between our earthly bodies and our heavenly spirits. This distinction has vast repercussions for how we are to think about … Continue reading

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Calendar and Meaning

As a boy, our dinner table was a place of amazing conversations. My father readily invited people to dine with us, and my mother as readily accommodated them. On top of that, we had a stream of visitors from all … Continue reading

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Not to Escape

The point is not to escape from earth  and find oneself at last in heaven, but to let the present ‘heavenly’ life change the present earthly reality. {N.T Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God, 355}

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The Bible and Economics

  The Bible and Economics [33:59m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download On this episode, we join Dr. Ian Hodge to discuss the nature of Keynesianism and how Christians should think about Economics. Visit Dr. Hodge’s blog. You can also purchase Baptized Inflation here.

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How Temptation Works

C.S. Lewis concludes his 1961 preface by describing how he developed these profound themes of sin and temptation in the Screwtape Letters: Some have paid me an undeserved compliment by supposing that my Letters were the ripe fruit of many years’ study … Continue reading

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Sermon: The Empty Threat of Death, Part V, I Corinthians 15:35-41

People of God, we return to our series on I Corinthians 15. One of the great accomplishments of John Calvin was his preaching ministry in Strasbourg in 1539. Many of us today still look to find brilliant analysis of different … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Dining for Eternity

We are what we eat. If we eat well in this world, we can expect to eat well in the New Heavens and Earth. I speak, of course, of the bread and wine that our Lord gives. When we eat … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Exercising Truth

If truth is to be valued in our society, then we are to embody truth. We cannot believe truth apart from living it. And this is the center of our calling as Christians. The Early Church did not find Christian … Continue reading

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Responding to E-mails

Here is a thoughtful analysis by Sarah Green on the responsiveness trap of e-mails. This is the e-mail equivalent of “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” Sarah concludes that there is no neutrality on this issue: We have confused responding with reacting. Responding involves … Continue reading

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New Creation Imagery in First Corinthians

Paul’s series of analogies in 15:37-41 is quite brilliant. He is re-playing the creation account for the skeptical Corinthians. For Paul, this is creational language; the heavenly and earthly bodies, animals, fruit-bearing seed, etc. The apostle is making the case … Continue reading

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The Only Source of Truth

Dr. Timothy LeCroy elaborates on this idea as he reflects on the recent Protestant-to-Rome conversions. He concludes: The only source of truth we have is the Holy Spirit speaking through the scriptures to his people.  The only certain authority we … Continue reading

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Expertise is Overvalued

That’s what Vikram Mansharamani says in the Harvard Business Review. The article argues that generalists are better at navigating uncertainty. In other words, those who know a little about a lot of things fare better in today’s uncertain times. The author … Continue reading

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Being Human is Good

N.T. Wright presses this point in his outstanding The Resurrection of the Son of God. Paul contrasts the biblical view of the Resurrection with that of the ancients: The problem he faces is not the same as the one Plato and Cicero … Continue reading

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The Appeal of the Resurrection

Paul argues through several analogies from nature in verses 35-41. The purpose of going so far to make the point of the resurrection is, according to Hays, “to make the resurrection of the dead seem appealing rather than appalling to … Continue reading

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Resuscitation or Resurrection?

Richard Hays summarizes Paul’s powerful critique of some of the Corinthians in chapter 15. According to Hays: Paul insists that the concept of “resurrection of the dead” should not be naively understood to refer to the resuscitation of corpses; rather, … Continue reading

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Can Christians Use Birth Control?

This is the question tackled by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He concludes: Therefore, Christians may make careful and discriminating use of proper technologies, but must never buy into the contraceptive mentality. We can never see … Continue reading

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Trinity Talk: Interview with Pastor James Grant

In this interview we discuss James’ commentary on I & II Thessalonians.   The Promise of Hope: An Overview of I and II Thessalonians: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download Uri Brito’s interview with commentary author and theologian, James H. Grant, Jr., on his … Continue reading

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Jason Stellman Resigns from the Presbyterian Church in America

The news of Stellman’s departure is one that adds a great fuel to the current debacle occurring in the PCA. The PCA is having an identity crisis. This event adds to an already fragmented denomination. Stellman, a staunch opponent of … Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday Sermon: Heavenly Worship That Changes the World, Isaiah 6:1-7

Sermon Audio People of God, this is Trinity Sunday. Of course, every Sunday is Trinity Sunday, since we worship the God who is One and Three. But today, rather than assume the Trinity in everything, we are going to consider … Continue reading

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Exhortation: What is the Trinity?

I have often sat quietly as I heard people begin a sentence with these dreadful words: “The Trinity is like…” I have heard the Trinity being compared to eggs, ice, ancient three-headed gods, and to the “C” note on the … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Stewardship

Ian Hodge, author of Baptized Inflation: A Critique of “Christian” Keynesianism, argues that the capitalism that is based on the profit motive is not biblical capitalism. Biblical capitalism, argues Hodge, is the “opportunity for people to develop their God-given gifts … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: The One and the Many

This Trinitarian life is given for us in many ways. The God who is Three and One gives us Bread and Wine in the midst of the congregation. The Oneness of this body is joined with the Many bodies worldwide … Continue reading

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