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Patrick Henry and the Revivalists

Thomas Kidd describes Rev. Patrick Henry’s (the revolutionary’s uncle) reaction to the revivalist era: For the revivalists, religiosity and morality were not enough for Christians: instead, they focused on the experience of personal conversion, or being “born again.” Some of the new … Continue reading


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Patrick Henry’s Obituary

Patrick Henry’s obituary in the Virginia Gazette: “Farewell, first-rate patriot, farewell! As long as our rivers flow, or mountains stand–so long will your excellence and worth be the theme of homage and endearment, and Virginia, bearing in mind her loss, … Continue reading

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“I Smelt a Rat”

Patrick Henry’s famous “I smelt a rat” response had to do with the invitation to participate in the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Patrick Henry, according to author, Thomas S. Kidd, “scented that decaying rodent in the notion that the states should surrender … Continue reading

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Bullying Chick-fil-A

That’s the title of W. James Antle III’s piece for the American Conservative. The piece touches on the inherent contradiction of the political bullies of our day. Antle concludes: Supporters of gay marriage have every right not to patronize a business that … Continue reading

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Revivalism and Anglicanism

Thomas Kidd elaborates further on the rage of Anglican ministers in the days of the Great Awakening: “Anglicans raged against these itinerant preachers because they intruded upon the turf of Anglican parishes and exhibited no respect for the established pastor’s … Continue reading

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