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The Anatomy of Evil

Proverbs six is a remarkable description of evil. And evil has a body: eyes, tongues, hands, and feet. Solomon says that these parts function as diabolical agents. The haughty eyes descend to the tongue, and to the hands, and downward. … Continue reading

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Christianity and…

Screwtape offers this salient diabolical advice: What we want, if men become Christians at all, is to keep them in the state of mind I call “Christianity And.” You know–Christianity and the Crisis, Christianity and the New Psychology, Christianity and … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Finding Favor with God and Man

Brothers and sisters, by eating and drinking together we are finding favor with God and man. With God, because we are not rejecting the manna sent from heaven. With man, because we are eating with another, which implies a communion. … Continue reading

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Is the Gospel a Story?

Leslie Fields goes through great length to emphasize that once we abandon propositional truth, we also abandon the richness of the Creeds and other Biblical genres. For a narratival enthusiast–such as myself–this is a helpful reminder. As she summarizes: God’s … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Sacred Space

August 5th, Exhortation We are this morning in a sacred space. This is a place where holy things happen. But don’t confuse holiness with neat and tidy. We are not neat and tidy people. We are rather messy at times. … Continue reading

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When was James Written?

Mark Horne makes a brief assessment as to why James was written before the death and resurrection of Jesus. He notes: Name any other “New Testament” epistle that encourages believers to endure through suffering without mentioning the death and resurrection … Continue reading

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Caesar vs. Jesus

Phillips summarizes the evangelistic distinctions between the disciples of Christ and the disciples of Caesar: But whereas the Caesars sought to Romanize the world through brutality, force, and bloodshed, the Christians sought to evangelize the world through love, self-giving, and … Continue reading

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Saints and Scoundrels

I’ve begun reading through portions of Robin Phillips’ new work Saints and Scoundrels. The book is a selection of biographies of the great “dragon -slayers and kingdom-builders” of history. Phillips’ preface serves almost as an introduction to postmillenial thought, or a strong … Continue reading

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