Babies and Robots

George Friedman observes that the “entire global system has been built since 1750 on the expectation of continually expanding population. More workers, more consumers, more soldiers–this was always the expectation.” However, he argues that in the 21st century, the entire system of production will shift. There will be a greater dependence on technology–particularly “robots that will substitute for human labor (9).”

This is a rather frightening prospect. God made man to work the earth and to prosper it. Technology should always be subservient to man, and not man to technology. The replacing of robots for babies would imply the un-doing of the Creation mandate, which would be abhorrent. The danger, of course, is that with little need for human work, there would be an increase of labor shortage. I do not believe this will ever happen, since humanity has always found new ways of laboring independent of current technology.

The consequences of this future is significant to the military industry as an example, which depends heavily on able bodies to accomplish its goal throughout the world. Drones and precise weaponry have caused a myriad of innocent deaths in various U.S. attacks. In this sense, militarized technological advances can usurp Just War Theory which is dependent on certain considerations prior to strike.

Overall, the book seems challenging and its predictions seem rather possible to consider.


About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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