Political and Evangelical Theology by Brian Mattson

One of the fearful manifestations of modern evangelicalism is the embarrassing witness of evangelicals towards a manifestly evangelical political theology. This is exactly what Brian Mattson is not afraid of in his new book: Politics and Evangelical Theology: A Guide for Concerned Christians and Political Progressives. The book opens with a few illustrations, which prove the author’s thesis that political neutrality is impossible. Religion and politics do mix, and those who are most opposed to the connection between God and the Republican Party need also oppose those who would very easily associate Jim Wallis’ “charitable” Christianity with God’s agenda for the world.

It is true that God is not a Republican nor a Democrat. But the inconsistencies need to be pointed out. And when the political analysts decry the over-religious tone of the politicians on the Republican side while overlooking the conspicuous religious tones uttered in liberal churches under liberation theology’s worldview, then this bizarre inability to be consistent needs to be observed.

Since I know a little of Dr. Mattson’s work, I am fairly certain I will come to slightly different conclusions in a few of these matters, yet, his thesis is to be applauded. The Bible does provide a political agenda, and the political agenda needs to be framed by the Bible.


About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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