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Communion Meditation: Fed at the Table

God is the author of history, so He directs history in his good pleasure. He places redeemed men and women in His world to walk accordingly. He demands that we exercise a faithful presence. And to prepare us to walk … Continue reading

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The First Review of “The Church-Friendly Family” by Colt Nipps

Reviewed by Colt Nipps In our time, a “family-friendly church” is touted as being necessary to making any cultural impact at all.  Randy Booth and Rich Lusk have turned that phrase on its head with, “The Church-Friendly Family.” Wow, what … Continue reading

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Unbelieving Apologetics

Kuyper’s presuppositionalism was clear when he stated that even when Christians and non-Christians agree about a particular aspect of creation, they still approach the study of the world with mutually opposing assumptions. They disagree on the doctrine of creation itself.

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William Carey’s Postmillennialism and World Missions

The story of Carey’s fascinating history as a missionary legend often overlooks his robust postmillennial theology, which is explained in detail in this piece at Contra Mundum. According to Richard Bauckham : “The Postmillennialism of the eighteenth century played an important … Continue reading

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Chuck Colson on Abraham Kuyper’s Influence

In one of Colson’s last recorded interviews, he speaks of the influence of Abraham Kuyper on his own life:

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Exhortation: Confessing our Disharmonization

Our choices are shaped by what we believe, but good theology is not a fix-all when it comes to life. You can have good theology, but still not live as you should. We call that sin. Part of our task … Continue reading

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The Conscience of a Society

James Davison Hunter appears to be setting the environment to destroy the argument made by culture-warriors like the late Chuck Colson. But in the process (beginning in chapter two) he is explaining the rationale of world-view thinkers and their desire … Continue reading

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Praying for R.C. Sproul Jr. and Family

Eric Owens writes: “It is with great sadness that I inform you that RC’s daughter Shannon died last night. The family would cherish your prayers for them during this difficult time. We, however, rejoice that she, like her mother Denise, … Continue reading

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The Mandate of Creation

To be a Christian is to be obliged to engage the world, pursuing God’s restorative purposes over all of life, individual and corporate, public and private. This is the mandate of creation. {Hunter, To Change the World, 4}

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In the Christian view…human beings are, by divine intent and their very nature, world-makers. {James Davison Hunter, To Change the World, 3}

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Strengthening the Family is Self-Defeating…

“Any attempt to strengthen the family without also strengthening the institutional Church is self-defeating for Christians.” –Quoted in The Church-Friendly Family

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