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Why You Should Vote Third Party!

Over at the Kuyperian Commentary, I have a piece you might want to read. I am not expecting much agreement, but if you wanna know where I stand, here it is! Advertisements

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The Church in History

The true Church is the Church in history theologically begun in the garden when the first priest, Adam, was created, and then she continued in all her imperfection from Father Abraham to King David to the Fall of Jerusalem, and … Continue reading

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You are a Sinful Wretch!

This is what sonship proponents and some extreme Calvinists have declared to their congregations again and again. But is this a true biblical teaching in light of the redemption of Christ? My old seminary friend, Jake Belder, has done a … Continue reading

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Kuyperian Commentary

I suppose I should let you all into a secret. I have another blog. It’s called The Kuyperian Commentary.  Take a peak. You see it’s nice and clean. I started the blog over five years ago to talk about politics, and in … Continue reading

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