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Exhortation Series on Church Membership: Striving for Unity

We have had a couple of extraordinary years as a Church. God has richly favored us. As a sign of this favor, we will be adding new members this coming Sunday. And part of being a member of Providence means … Continue reading

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Shameless Plugs!

Editor and Contributor to The Church-Friendly Family (Published by Covenant Media Foundation) Or on Kindle Of the making of books about marriage and the family, there is no end. The family is in trouble today―and has been since the sin of our first … Continue reading


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Dead Intellectualism

The contents of the Scriptures can never be subject to the criticism of the believer or of the Church, but the doctrinal declarations of the confessions must really constantly be subject to such criticism. Scripture cannot be altered or developed, … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Service for Others

These exorcisms (Luke 4:31-44) are pictures of what Jesus does with our sins when we confess them. He takes them away and calls us to serve, as Simon’s mother-in-law. In service, we are equipped to exorcise the pain of others. … Continue reading

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