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10 Things to Expect in a Federal Vision Church

I recently read a post by a frustrated woman on the outcome of some decisions made in different PCA Presbyteries. Among many things, this individual observed that she was deeply concerned for the well-being of the people who attend PCA … Continue reading

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Authorship Thoughts

Over the years both in undergraduate and graduate studies I have been exposed to a host of New Testament authorship issues. I have been bombarded with alternative authorship theories on every New Testament book. From Mark to Paul, everything has … Continue reading

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It’s Worth Defending

Evangelicals overall do a fine job at defending the trivial but struggle to defend the hard things. Machen observed long ago in his monumental Christianity and Liberalism that “it appears that the things that are sometimes thought to be hardest to defend … Continue reading

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Affirming True Truth

Francis Schaeffer’s line true truth was coined as a result of the pluralistic culture he was a part of and which has in many ways engulfed our present society. Schaeffer was referring to a truth that is objective and not relativized by … Continue reading

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A Four-Year Old’s Reaction to the Abortion Industry

Originally published at Kuyperian Commentary Response to Comments: I am pleased with the enormous response. As of now there have been over 500 views. The vast majority of responses were very supportive and expressed in one way or another the … Continue reading

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Why I am proud to be an American

In the best sense of the term, this has been a very patriotic weekend for me. It began on Thursday evening at the Banquet for Life hosted by Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a ministry the saints of Providence have … Continue reading

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The Ascension of our Lord: A Brief Introduction

The Church celebrates the Ascension of our Lord this Thursday. Since most churches are not able to have Thursday services, traditionally many of them celebrate Ascension on Sunday. The Ascension of Jesus is barely mentioned in the evangelical vocabulary. We … Continue reading

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Bring Out the Champagne! The Party Has Just Begun!

Easter is gone, right? Actually Easter has just begun! The Easter Season lasts for 50 days. It is glorified in the PENT-ecost season. According to the Christian Calendar, Easter lasts until May 19th (Pentecost Sunday). But didn’t we spend ourselves … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Live (SNL), DJesus Uncrossed, the Romans, the Jews and the God of the Bible

DJesus UnCrossed is SNL’s latest attempt to de-christ Christ. Of course, in our day, Jesus is easy to disrespect. One wonders if SNL would attempt a comedy journey through the life of Muhammad. No further comments needed. David Flowers believes … Continue reading

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Van Til in 30 seconds

William White Jr. in his biography of Cornelius Van Til: Defender of the Faith, summarizes Van Til in this way: “To concede that the mind of the thinker can by searching find out about God, or discover truth, be it … Continue reading

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Al Molher on National Geographic Claims…

Mohler discussed briefly the latest edition of National Geographic, which claims that the biblical accounts of David and Solomon are “embellished biblical fiction.” He offers two insightful observations regarding archeology: First, this cover story documents the fact that archaeology is not … Continue reading

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The Christian Apologists’ Argument

In various forms, the fundamental argument advanced by the Christian apologist is that the Christian worldview is true because of the impossibility of the contrary. — Greg Bahnsen

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Book Review in 5 minute or less…Every Thought Captive

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Biblical Apologetics

Richard Pratt writes: The Bible is both the foundation upon which our defense must be built and one of our beliefs which must be defended (Every Though Captive, 4). The apologetics’ task is like the relation between a king and … Continue reading

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Is neutrality possible?

Richard Pratt writes in Every Though Captive (1979) that sometimes sense experience is suggested as a sphere of neutrality . “It is supposed,” he says, ” that the non-Christian sees and hears the same things the Christian does and that there … Continue reading

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On the possibility of neutrality…

Jesus says: He who is not with me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters (Matthew 12:30).

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Why I Believe in God! A Biographical Introduction to the Christian Faith, Part 2 of 2

Later Schooling In my later years my Christian faith was maturing. I was strong, and not even Screwtape’s tactics could bring me down. I was tempted, yes, but I was preserved by God’s grace. My college days in the late … Continue reading

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Joel McDurmon and Zeitgeist

My friend Joel McDurmon, author of Zeitgeist: The Movie Exposed was interviewed earlier today in the Detroit Christian Radio. The audience continues to be interested, if not, captivated by DaVinci Code-like documentaries. Zeitgeist was quite a hit with popular atheists, … Continue reading

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Joe Torres and Presuppositional Apologetics

At 12 Central/1Eastern, I will be interviewing Joe Torres on presuppositional apologeticsat Trinity Talk. Joe summarizes our interview as follows: On  Thursday, July 2nd, I’ll be discussing the topic of presuppositional apologetics on Trinity Talk with Uri and Jarrod. Uri … Continue reading

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Stanley Fish, NYT, and Facts

Stanley fish argues to his largely atheistic NYT readership that the concept of assumptionless facts are not possible. He writes: To bring all this abstraction back to the arguments made by my readers, there is no such thing as “common … Continue reading

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Bahnsen’s Lost Book

Last year during the CREC General Council, I spent a weekend with Pastor Randy Booth. I have told many that those two days I received from Randy some of the most profitable pastoral insights I have ever received. Randy is … Continue reading

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A Reformed View of Apologetics, Part 2

One of the assertions of a Reformed view of apologetics is that apart from God’s revelation, man cannot account for anything, or as Van Til once put it: “…the atheists cannot account for accounting.” It is the “voluntary revelation” of … Continue reading

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A Reformed View of Apologetics, Part 1

Editor’s Note: In these posts, I have tried to offer a simple introduction to Presuppositional apologetics. Many in our day are unaware of the incredible influence of Professor Cornelius Van Til. These posts serve to distinguish the Reformed View of … Continue reading

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Greg Bahnsen speaks on war…

Professor Greg Bahnsen, whose death 10 years ago was a defeat for the Christian Apologetic world, but a victory for God’s great providence, has left us with some great treasures in a myriad of topics. In a radio interview recorded … Continue reading

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Gary Habermas’ Interview with former atheist Anthony Flew

A Brief Section From The Interview HABERMAS: Tony, you recently told me that you have come to believe in the existence of God. Would you comment on that? FLEW: Well, I don’t believe in the God of any revelatory system, … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Role and the Role of the Law

In recent years my love for apologetics has grown immensely. I have dedicated many hours to studying ethics, logic, and apologetic methodologies. One person who has greatly influenced me by use of wit and theological precision has been Greg Koukl. … Continue reading

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Subtle Unorthodoxy

In our time, knowledge of the incarnate Christ can become very perplexing. Some who have been faithful church attendees for years still lack true orthodox understanding of who Christ is. I have been exposed to Gnosticism, tri-theism, bi-nitarianism and other … Continue reading

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What do you believe that you can’t prove?

As a Trinitarian Christian, apart from special revelation, I cannot prove the existence of a Triune God who revealed himself as a man who is both deity and humanity (commonly known as hypostatic union). I am not saying that God … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Post-Modernism

I have been doing some significant work on the topic of postmodernity and its application to the current theological scenario. Since the blog world has been largely important in shaping my thinking on these matters, I have here posted Doug … Continue reading

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What is a Worldview?

Worldview thinking seems to be almost exclusively a task of the intellectual elite, however, the truth is, that all of us have a worldview whether we know it or not. Worldview thinking is rare today because very few in the … Continue reading

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