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Joe Torres and Presuppositional Apologetics

At 12 Central/1Eastern, I will be interviewing Joe Torres on presuppositional apologeticsat Trinity Talk. Joe summarizes our interview as follows: On  Thursday, July 2nd, I’ll be discussing the topic of presuppositional apologetics on Trinity Talk with Uri and Jarrod. Uri … Continue reading

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Interview with Chris Ortiz on the Life and Legacy of R.J. Rushdoony

Here are some of the links mentioned in our interview with Chris Ortiz. Law and Liberty Podcast with Chris Ortiz The Chalcedon Foundation Rushdoony Podcast Free Rushdoony Mp3’s

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Apologus Interviews Pastor Paul Michael Raymond, Part 2

Continuing interview… Apologus: Your definitions seem quite clear in light of the current political dilemma of the Christian community. Particularly, the Christian conservative movement seems to undermine the Biblical message of Christ’s Lordship by denying the authoritative Word to determine … Continue reading

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Apologus Interviews Pastor Paul Michael Raymond, Part 1

Apologus Interviews is the title of these interviews with distinguished guests.[1] In this first interview-conducted largely via e-mail, I interviewed Reconstructionist Pastor Paul Michael Raymond. Pastor Raymond is the pastor of Reformed Bible Church in Appomattox, Virginia. This interview will … Continue reading

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