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Lenten Sermon: Luke 13:31-35, The Mission and Tenderness of God (Audio)

Sermon Preached at Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida on February 24th, Lenten Season 31 At that very hour some Pharisees came and said to him, “Get away from here, for Herod wants to kill you.” 32 And he said to them, “Go and tell that fox, … Continue reading

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Howard Hendricks,1924-2013

The famed professor of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Howard Hendricks, died after serving at DTS for more than 60 years. You can hear his last sermon entitled the Ultimate Final. Among his many publications, Wikipedia lists the following: Books Say … Continue reading

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Lent: The Devil’s Gifts, Luke 4:1-13 (Audio Sermon at Providence Church)

In this sermon, I discuss the nature of Jesus’ three temptations and how Jesus overcame them with God’s word. I also touch on the typological connections between the first Edenic temptation and the wilderness testing in Luke 4.  

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Trinity Talk Interview with Andrew Sandlin on the Life and Theology of Norman Shepherd

    Norman Shepherd: The Man and His Theology Andrew Sandlin is the president for the Center of Cultural Leadership and editor of Obedient Faith: A Festschrift for Norman Shepherd (Mount Hermon, California: Kerygma Press, 2012). You can find more information about the book here.

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Two Introductory Lessons on the Heidelberg Catechism (Audio)

Having adopted the Heidelberg Catechism as a Church this past year, I have been offering a couple of basic introductory lessons on the Heidelberg. If you are interested, here are the first two lessons at Providence Church. Introduction to the … Continue reading

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G.K.Chesterton Hour with Todd Leonard

One of my parishioners at Providence Church, Todd Leonard, offered an overview of Chesterton’s life and works. Worth the listen!

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The Bible and Economics

  The Bible and Economics [33:59m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download On this episode, we join Dr. Ian Hodge to discuss the nature of Keynesianism and how Christians should think about Economics. Visit Dr. Hodge’s blog. You can also purchase Baptized Inflation here.

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Andrew Sandlin Preaching at Providence Church on Pentecost Sunday

The vivacious and vibrant, Andrew Sandlin, ministered to us on Pentecost Sunday. Here is his sermon emphasizing the application of Pentecost to the life of the Christian.

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The Symbolism of Revelation: Study # 5

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Mercersburg Theology with Brad Littlejohn

Mercersburg Theology with Brad Littlejohn   Mercersburg Theology:  Download

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Trinity Talk Episode: Steve Jeffery on Penal Substitution

  In Defense of Penal Substitution with Steve Jeffery [28:45m]: Play Now | Download We are glad to announce that Trinity Talk is back with new weekly episodes. In this interview, Jarrod and I spoke to Pastor Steve Jeffery of Emmanuel Evangelical Church in London. … Continue reading

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Introduction to Covenant Theology

Is Covenant Theology merely theologizing, or are there practical implications to this doctrine? How does God deal with history, and how does he relate to his people? These and other questions are discussed in this series by Gregg Strawbridge. This … Continue reading

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Athanasius Presbytery

Our semi-annual presbytery met in Branchville, AL. The saints of Christ Church provided an abundance of food, drinks, and southern hospitality. We concluded our meeting with Psalm 46 C.

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Fourth Sunday of Epiphany: Mark 1:21-28; Exorcism and Discipleship, part II

Here is my audio of my sermon on Mark 1:21-28. People of God, the action-centered gospel of St. Mark continues to bring out the unsavory manifestations of demons. The gospel of Mark introduces us to the forces of evil incarnated … Continue reading

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Chuck Colson Interviews President Jimmy Carter on Faith in the Public Square

Chuck Colson interacts with former President Jimmy Carter on a number of issues. The interesting point in the discussion is to hear Carter taking credit for the growth of Christianity in China. Carter observes that “Christianity is growing quite rapidly … Continue reading

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Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (Cantata 140 – J. S. Bach)

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Union With Christ

The often neglected doctrine of union with Christ has been dealt well by two great biblical theologians, Richard Gaffin and Lane Tipton. Covenant union with Christ is the context by which we see election and the cross. Scroll down to … Continue reading

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Weekly Communion

This past week–last Sunday of the Church Year–I offered a case for weekly communion. This is not an exhaustive treatment, since it is a sermon; but it covers some historical biblical thoughts concluding with a few applications on how we … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter, Genevan Psalm 1

I have begun a new project to record all 150 psalms from the Geneven Psalter. They are sung in a faster pace than usual to reflect their powerful, and often, battle-like themes. Here is Psalm 1.

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A Lenten Hymn

We will be singing this beautiful Lenten hymn this Sunday at Providence. Here is my brief recording of it. Stricken, Smitten, Afflicted Stricken, smitten, and afflicted, See Him dying on the tree! ‘Tis the Christ by man rejected; Yes, my … Continue reading

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The Incarnation: Gospel, Deception, and Justice

The audio from my first sermon after Christmas. Manuscript: Prayer: May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our Rock, and our Kinsman. Amen. Sermon: People of God, this … Continue reading

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Ruth series…

Part 1 and Part 2 of my series entitled The Gospel of Ruth are available to download from

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Sermon Audio

Wisdom, Contrast, and Success, Part I;  series on Proverbs 10

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Sermon/Easter: The Shepherd/King; John 10:22-30

Sermon Audio Manuscript Sermon: People of God, Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! While we profess this great truth in this Resurrection Season, others call it foolishness. The Gospel of the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Christ is … Continue reading

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John 20:1-14 Two Fires, Two Communities, One Lord

Sermon Audio Sermon: People of God, Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! C.S. Lewis once wrote: that “Symbols are the natural speech of the soul, a language older and more universal than words.”[1] The gospel of St. John is … Continue reading

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Greg Gibson on New Covenant Theology

My interview/podcast with Greg Gibson is now available for download and stream.

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Calvin and Theocracy

I have been listening to the Calvin and Theocracy Conference (BH, 1992). If anyone is interested in the history of the theonomic debate and some of the finer differences among advocates of biblical law this is a great series to … Continue reading

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Eschatology and the Church

Here’s an old Sunday School Lesson I did at Providence Church. It will accomplish three things: a) Offer an introductory assessment of the differences between the CREC and other Reformed denominations. b) Offer a broad overview of eschatology throughout Church … Continue reading

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Sermon: A Pauline Manifesto on Unity, part 4, I Cor. 12:15-31

Sermon Audio, Manuscript, and Order of Service Paul’s message was a direct tsunami to the Corinthian pride. They had built the church into a center of religious pomposity. They were parading their ostentatious loftiness of language. Since they had the … Continue reading

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Sermon: Union in Baptism, Providence Church (CREC)

Download Stream Outline Order of Worship Speaker: Pastor Uriesou Tenorio Brito Date: 1/31/2010 Type: Sunday Sermon Topic: Bible 1 Corinthians Sermon, Uri Brito, “Union in Baptism, Part 3”, 1 Corinthians 12:12-14

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