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Why Ministers Leave

The typical pastor stays in a church for 3.6 years. This does not seem to offer much hope for any long-term vision for a local parish. Planning ahead seems futile from the outset. This discouraging number stems from a variety … Continue reading

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Dave Hunt Dies

I had the opportunity to meet Dave Hunt on a couple of occasions. I sat attentively in one of his talks where he opposed Calvinism. If my memory serves me right, he said something like this: I was amazed at … Continue reading

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John Piper’s First Day of Not Being a Pastor Anymore

The well-known Baptist minister, John Piper, has officially stepped down from Bethlehem Baptist Church. His long career, and his plethora of books have been a source of tremendous delight for many in the evangelical world. In this short post, he offers his … Continue reading


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Baptistic Conclusions

Doug Wilson observes: “Many Christians have come to baptistic conclusions because they simply took a Bible and a concordance, and then looked up every incident of baptism in the New Testament. This is objectionable, not because they studied these pasages … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism and Separation

I have added Mark Dever’s 9marks podcast to my iTunes list. Pastor Dever and I would agree very little with ecclesiastical issues (sacramental matters included). Still, I find his interviews helpful. One interview that caught my attention was his interview … Continue reading

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Nine Marks? How about two?

Kevin Johnson has a thoughtful critique of the Nine Marks phenomenon. This tends to confirm my thoughts on the emerging trend of many soteriologic calvinistic Baptistic churches to find common ground with southern Presbyterians. And the southern Presbyterians return the … Continue reading

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Calvinism growing in the Southern Baptist Convention…

One step in the right direction. Thanks to the great work of Al Mohler. A study finds that nearly 30 percent of recent graduates from Southern Baptist seminaries (SBC) who serve as church pastors identify themselves as Calvinists. LifeWay Research, … Continue reading

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Infant Baptism Debate: White vs. Strawbridge–Thoughts and Theological Considerations

Editor’s note: I have updated this post to add a few more thoughts on the debate (11-10-07). I have just heard the debate between Baptist author/apologist James White vs. Presbyterian minister and author Rev. Gregg Strawbridge. Throughout my theological life, … Continue reading

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