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Given For You

I spent a semester with Keith Mathison in Orlando doing an independent study on Luther and Calvin’s sacramental views. I read and re-read his fine book. Almost five years later I have picked it up again only to be refreshed … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastical Self-Critique

Robert Jenson (Prolegomena III) observes that communities do not care for self-critique. The church is also one such community. This is why the Reformation was such a blow to the church of the day. Jenson writes that the “Reformers’ emphasis … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis and Food

The food theme is not as prevalent in Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia as they are in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I have chronicled a bit of the delicious appetite of Tolkien for food here. Yet, as I make my … Continue reading

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The Contradiction of Division

Robert Jenson observes in the preface to his Systematic Theology, Volume I that “to live as the church in a situation of a divided church–if this can happen at all–must at least mean that we confess we live in a … Continue reading

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My fault…

Anyone who reads as much as I do is probably familiar with the closing paragraph of the acknowledgment section of a book. It ends with the author making it clear that if there are faults in the book, they should … Continue reading

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50 most influential Christans???

It has been almost 18 months since I posted the paragraph below. After looking through the list once again this morning, I am even more appalled than I was 18 months ago. By the way, #33 looks familiar. It is … Continue reading

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