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Mel Gibson’s Crucifixion

Chuck Baldwin August 4, 2006 Let’s get right to the point: the Hollywood elite have had it in for Mel Gibson for quite a while. First, he abandoned their penchant for promoting big government by starring in a truer-than-most-want-to-admit movie … Continue reading

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Rushdoony speaks…

Does the church need to change with the times? Not if the church holds the truth; the unchanging truth of God needs to be applied to man’s changing times as the measure or yardstick whereby men and events are to … Continue reading

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Movie Comments #1

I will try to periodically write some comments about movies I watch. Since I have a fascination for story-telling and since I average about three movies a week, I will take the time to make some general comments about a … Continue reading

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Portraying Evil

Evil Proves the Existence of God! This was the title of a book shown deliberately in a movie. In the last several years there have been a proliferation of horror movies with the intention of attracting a larger public into … Continue reading

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Velvet Elvis Embraced and Critiqued Part 2

Bell writes: “An Atheist is a person of tremendous faith. In our discussions about the things that matter most then, we aren’t talking about faith or no faith. Belief or no belief. We are talking about faith in what? Belief … Continue reading

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Michael Horton and Culture…

I have subscribed to Christianity Today this year and was surprised to see that Michael Horton had an article on the kingdom and culture. Since Dr. Horton was instrumental in bringing my thinking to Reformed Theology I was eager to … Continue reading

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David Wells On Modernization

“I have spoken of the emergence of the global cliché culture as the birthmark of Our Time. Until modernity was ushered into our world, cultures were always local. They were, by definition, sets of meanings and morals, beliefs and habits … Continue reading

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Mohler on CNN with Larry King

The movie “Brokeback Mountain” presents a distorted and unbiblical picture of human sexuality, said R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, during a Jan. 17 appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

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Ralph Winter on Evangelical Worship and Hollywood

Ralph Winter is a Christian producer who is receiving acclaim from Hollywood these days in light of his new movie which is released this week in theatres: THE FANTASTIC FOUR. In this series of interviews at St. Annes’ Pub he … Continue reading

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Economic Chaos?

FINANCIAL TERRORISM by Dan Denning Contrary to what you see in the press, though, the average Frenchman or woman is not that different from you, except, perhaps, at the dinner table. The French take their food seriously. A cup of … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up For “Mystic River”

In my 10 scale “Mystic River” gets an 8 for excellent acting and an intriguing story-line. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins (Gideon) brought an outstanding flavor to a suspenseful murder case. This is the story of three friends who through … Continue reading

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Does Scripture Permit Us to Drink Alcoholic Beverages?

Kenneth Gentry has played a tremendous role in shaping my thinking on matters of eschatology and ethics. What follows is a summary article based on his book entitled: God Gave Wine, a book thoroughly analyzing the Biblical issues in the … Continue reading

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What to watch for Christmas? Part 2

Here’s another option for the break; this one you will not regret. In my opinion this is one of the most unpredictable movies I have ever seen (next to Memento of course). You can call it a psychological thriller; call … Continue reading

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What to watch for Christmas? Part 1

Ok, granted, these are not what you would call blockbusters or 50 million dollar movies, but believe me these are classics (at least they are to me). In different ways these movies touch on several aspects of human experience such … Continue reading

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5 minutes after Jeopardy…Ken Jennings finally loses

The rumors were true! After winning over 2.5 million dollars, Ken Jennings finally lost. I don’t remember exactly the question, but the magic answer was H&R Block. With 74 victories, this makes Jennings the greatest winner in the history of … Continue reading

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A Guide to Movie Watching – My Top Five

I will attempt to put together a list of five movies that have made a lasting impression on me. My choice is based on a series of factors. Hopefully, you will consider these as well. 1) Redemptive themes, 2) Symbolizes … Continue reading

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Gender – Neutral ?

Jim Brown from Agape Press writes that: A growing number of schools are now providing student housing in which members of the opposite sex can live together and share a private bathroom. Oberlin College in Ohio and Sara Lawrence College … Continue reading

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Wanna See “Saved?”

There has been some significant changes in Hollywood’s agenda in the last few years, but one agenda that is still overwhelmingly prevalent is their Anti-Christian sentiments. Since the success of “The Passion of the Christ,” directors have found new motivation … Continue reading

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