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Keep Yourselves from Idols

In one of the most lovely letters written in the Bible, I John– which we will be studying during Sunday School in July–the apostle encourages us by the example of Christ that our joy may be full. And then in … Continue reading

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Finality and Sufficiency of Jesus for Mankind

Leslie Newbigin, the remarkable missiologist and theologian, writes in his delightful little book Trinitarian Doctrine for Today’s Mission that there was a time when religions were observed from afar in the Western world as “objects of compassion and curiosity.” But now (writing … Continue reading

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One Additional Thought on Paedocommunion

Children belong at the table. I have argued for a decade that children of the covenant are recipients of all the covenant benefits. One significant benefit is the means of grace we call the Eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper. Baptism … Continue reading

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What is Holy Saturday?

The Passion Week provides vast theological emotions for the people of God. Palm Sunday commences with the entrance of a divine King riding on a donkey. He comes in ancient royal transportation. That royal procession concludes with a Crucified Messiah … Continue reading

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Lent, Ligon Duncan, and Legalism

Collin Hansen wrote an article for the Gospel Coalition entitled Should You Cancel Good Friday? which has brought to the attention of many a conversation they have never had before. What is Lent? Why celebrate it? As a committed Protestant, I am committed to … Continue reading

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The Conscience of a Society

James Davison Hunter appears to be setting the environment to destroy the argument made by culture-warriors like the late Chuck Colson. But in the process (beginning in chapter two) he is explaining the rationale of world-view thinkers and their desire … Continue reading

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The Case for the Office of a Minister

Rayburn concludes his magisterial essay by speaking of the ministerial role: It is the work of a lifetime and the whole work of a lifetime to preach the Word of God with the humanity, earnestness, accuracy, insight, and power which … Continue reading

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Robert Rayburn and the Three-Office View

Robert Rayburn argues convincingly in his famous essay Ministers, Elders, and Deacons that the Old Covenant structure assumes a three-office view in that “the eldership was a ruling office only and was clearly differentiated in membership, status, calling, and responsibility from the … Continue reading

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The Only Source of Truth

Dr. Timothy LeCroy elaborates on this idea as he reflects on the recent Protestant-to-Rome conversions. He concludes: The only source of truth we have is the Holy Spirit speaking through the scriptures to his people.  The only certain authority we … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up on the Church!

I was just sitting there with Pastors Schnider and Ben Rossell. We were enjoying the cool breeze and the tranquil blue waters. Our waiter came a few times to re-fill my Diet Coke with lemon (always a must), and even … Continue reading

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Covenant Renewal Worship: Introductory Thoughts

Note: These observations were delivered specifically to Providence Church (CREC). I hope they will prove helpful to you as well. You have heard it over and over again that famous line from the Beatles: “All you need is love.” Apart … Continue reading

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Church Membership

Though I do not share the same view on church polity as my baptist brothers, this pastor acted on a fundamental truth that membership is crucial to the life of the Church and that a Church should not tolerate those … Continue reading

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Relational, Not Propositional

John Burke’s response to Mark Driscoll’s chapter is quite good. I am not sure how these things are lived out in his own context, but they do make a lot of sense. Driscoll’s strong and dogmatic evangelical convictions may appear … Continue reading

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Ecclesiological poverty

Kevin Vanhoozer writes: The surface success of the evangelical church masks a conspicuous lack of biblical and theological substance when it comes to reflecting critically upon the nature and function of the church. The evangelical church may be wealthy, but the quantity and … Continue reading

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Honoring the Church as Mother

Fellow CREC minister David Bostrom writes: The prevailing view of the Church today is not that great. Instead of viewing the Church as God’s ordained institution for bringing the kingdom of God to the world, the Church is largely considered … Continue reading

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Baby Food Anyone?

Bojidar Marinov has some strong words about the Ligonier Conference this year: It’s about time for Ligonier Ministries to come out of the nursery. R.C. Sproul helped so many of us to make steps forward toward developing a solid Biblical … Continue reading

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Review of R.B. Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ, Part I

Editor’s Note: One of my requirements for my class on Ecclesiology and the Sacraments with Professor Sinclair Ferguson, which will commence on the 24th of January, is to read R.B. Kuiper’s 367-page book entitled: The Glorious Body of Christ. What … Continue reading

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