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Keep Yourselves from Idols

In one of the most lovely letters written in the Bible, I John– which we will be studying during Sunday School in July–the apostle encourages us by the example of Christ that our joy may be full. And then in … Continue reading

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A Four-Year Old’s Reaction to the Abortion Industry

Originally published at Kuyperian Commentary Response to Comments: I am pleased with the enormous response. As of now there have been over 500 views. The vast majority of responses were very supportive and expressed in one way or another the … Continue reading

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The Evangelical, the Damning Statistics, and What To Do About It, Part I

The results are in and they don’t look good. Christianity Today reports on the Sex Lives of Unmarried Evangelicals. The two surveys offer differing numbers, but the conclusion is summarized in this manner: Bible Reading? Evangelicals who infrequently read the Bible were 70 … Continue reading

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What is Holy Saturday?

The Passion Week provides vast theological emotions for the people of God. Palm Sunday commences with the entrance of a divine King riding on a donkey. He comes in ancient royal transportation. That royal procession concludes with a Crucified Messiah … Continue reading

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Lent, Ligon Duncan, and Legalism

Collin Hansen wrote an article for the Gospel Coalition entitled Should You Cancel Good Friday? which has brought to the attention of many a conversation they have never had before. What is Lent? Why celebrate it? As a committed Protestant, I am committed to … Continue reading

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Evening of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty at Trinitas Christian School

Dr. George Grant exhorted and encouraged us this evening to conquer the world. This remarkably titanic vision, he argued, is actually grounded in the prayer our Lord taught us: “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” We … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Live (SNL), DJesus Uncrossed, the Romans, the Jews and the God of the Bible

DJesus UnCrossed is SNL’s latest attempt to de-christ Christ. Of course, in our day, Jesus is easy to disrespect. One wonders if SNL would attempt a comedy journey through the life of Muhammad. No further comments needed. David Flowers believes … Continue reading

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Homeschooling and Libertarianism

Rob Dreher explains why libertarianism is becoming appealing. He concludes: In other words, to protect my ability to educate my children in a conservative way, I’m learning a strange new respect for libertarianism.

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Socialization and Homeschooling

U.S. News reports on the myths about un-socialized home-schoolers: Between deciphering college financial aid awards and settling into a shoe-box sized dorm room with a perfect stranger or two, making the move from high school to college can be a … Continue reading

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Drowning does not look like Drowning

Here is an excellent article every parent should be familiar with as we enter into the pool/beach season.

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Catholic Schools vs. Government Schools

Terrence Jeffrey compares and concludes: The truth is the primary purpose of the average American public school — like the Catholic school — is not to teach children reading and math. It is to develop character — to help assimilate … Continue reading

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CREC Memorial on Christian Education

Memorial on Christian Education All things are to be considered and conducted under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, including education, and especially the education of our covenant children. God has neither charged nor authorized the state to educate children within … Continue reading

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On the Problems with Public Education

Terry Jeffrey writes: The greatest problem with primary and secondary education in America today is precisely that it is dominated by government-run schools that people are compelled by force of law to pay for whether they like them or not … Continue reading

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Classical Education

Greg Strawbridge interviews Douglas Wilson on several pertinent matters concerning classical education. In this interview they discuss how the resurgence of the Christian Classical Education Movement can avoid the syncretism of past classical educational models. Wilson argues that the response … Continue reading

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Nancy Wilson at Trinitas

Nancy Wilson addressed the eleven female graduates at Trinitas Christian School.

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Saving the Children…

Butler Shaffer recounts: I just returned from our local grocery where, as I was about to enter the store, I was greeted by two young women (probably in their early 20s) who asked me if I wanted “to save the children.”  … Continue reading

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Wilson vs. Jordan

I agree with my friend Mike Bull when he writes: There’s nothing better than theologians who basically agree on lots debating the finer points. Jordan and Wilson have  different ideas on what a classical education should consist of. Somehow, I … Continue reading

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Quote, The Aim of Public Education

Wrote H. L. Mencken: The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to down … Continue reading

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Exodus: A Christian Imperative

My dear brother Pastor Rob Hadding has written an excellent paper on why Christians are to withdraw their children from government schools.

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The Children of Caesar

I have appreciated Voddie’s work on this particular issue for over two years. He is an outstanding defender of the antithesis of Christian and pagan education.

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Homeschooling Upheld…

City: Los Angeles, CA August 8, 2008 Homeschooling families throughout California can breathe more easily following a major decision released today in the Rachel L. case by California’s Second District Court of Appeal. In a reversal of its previous decision, … Continue reading

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The Deplorable Obama and the Biblical Imperative

According to ABC News, Senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is “age-appropriate,” is “the right thing to do.” Plan Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger once wrote: “More children … Continue reading

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Whose Freedom?

At the heart of the modern state is its desire for freedom. But the freedom they pursue is far from the perfect freedom offered in the Holy Word, it is the freedom of enslavement. When the state offers freedom they … Continue reading

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Christianity Today on Children

Leslie fields has written a marvelous piece in defense of large families though she admits: ” I am not a proselytizer for large families…” I am not so sure how that is possible, nevertheless this is a fantastic article. Here … Continue reading

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Cal Thomas speaks out against public schools

Following my previous post on Intelligent Design in public schools, Cal Thomas has come with intensity on his new article in He writes that we should welcome Judge Jones’ ruling to impede any idea of Intelligent Design to be … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design in Public Schools?

The media has been replete with news on the Intelligent Design debate. This time however, the issues have taken a more serious nature. Intelligent Design advocates believe they can make a strong enough case for allowing certain features of design … Continue reading

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Government Schools = Government Granddads

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German Homeschoolers to Flee to America?

By Lee Duigon German Christians are trying to find a way to emigrate to the United States to preserve their faith and their families from persecution by an aggressively secular German government. Much of the curriculum is of a pornographic … Continue reading

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Economic Chaos?

FINANCIAL TERRORISM by Dan Denning Contrary to what you see in the press, though, the average Frenchman or woman is not that different from you, except, perhaps, at the dinner table. The French take their food seriously. A cup of … Continue reading

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The Sabbath and John Dewey

What on earth does Dewey have to do with the fourth commandment? The question should be rather: “What does God’s Holy Day have to do with the education of children?” In a certain sense, Dewey directed the attention of American … Continue reading

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