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Keep Yourselves from Idols

In one of the most lovely letters written in the Bible, I John– which we will be studying during Sunday School in July–the apostle encourages us by the example of Christ that our joy may be full. And then in … Continue reading

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We are God’s poem; His art work; N.T. Wright on Ephesians

N.T. Wright offers a simple, refreshing, and practical look at Ephesians. Here is part 1: Jesus launched his heaven-on-earth project, and it is not going away until one day it is fully completed.–N.T. Wright We are God’s poem; God’s art … Continue reading

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Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Jesus as lover embraces the bride in an imperfect condition. The bride is not lovable or attractive. She still needs a lot more beautification before the wedding feast. She needs to stop clinging to her past and putting aside her … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation; Ephesians 6

Brothers and Sisters, the armor of God protects us from all the wiles of the devil and it conquers the authorities and powers. But every warrior must at some point stop and enjoy his victory. Not only does the soldier … Continue reading

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Ephesians 3:14-21, Quote

Excerpt taken from my sermon (third in an eight part series) on Ephesians: There is no doubt that the mission of the Triune God is one grounded and rooted in love. In fact, the members of the Trinity form a … Continue reading

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Ephesians 2:11-20, Quote

Taken from my second sermon in an eight part series on Ephesians: The Ascended Christ is conquering His enemies, so too, are we conquering enemies of Yahweh through the gospel. As the Father raised Jesus from the dead by His … Continue reading

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Ephesians 1:3-14, Quote

Taken from my first sermon in a seven part series on Ephesians: We cannot exercise dominion over this present world; we cannot bring the heavenly vision to earth without the Truth of the Word of Life. Civilizations have come and … Continue reading

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Sermons on Ephesians

Download Ephesians: The Prosperity Gospel, Part I – from service on 07.12.2009 Sermon, Uri Brito, “Ephesians: The Prosperity Gospel, Part I”, Ephesians 1:3-14 Download Ephesians: A United Humanity in Christ, Part II – from service on 07.19.2009 Sermon, Uri Brito, … Continue reading

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Summary of Ephesians

My study through Ephesians leads me one simple conclusion. This is a conclusion reached by James Jordan long before N.T. Wright ever came into the scene. Ephesians teaches that the gospel is much greater than individual salvation or forgiveness (though … Continue reading

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