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Keep Yourselves from Idols

In one of the most lovely letters written in the Bible, I John– which we will be studying during Sunday School in July–the apostle encourages us by the example of Christ that our joy may be full. And then in … Continue reading

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A Four-Year Old’s Reaction to the Abortion Industry

Originally published at Kuyperian Commentary Response to Comments: I am pleased with the enormous response. As of now there have been over 500 views. The vast majority of responses were very supportive and expressed in one way or another the … Continue reading

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What is Holy Saturday?

The Passion Week provides vast theological emotions for the people of God. Palm Sunday commences with the entrance of a divine King riding on a donkey. He comes in ancient royal transportation. That royal procession concludes with a Crucified Messiah … Continue reading

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Pastoral Meditation on God’s Justice for the Season of Lent

We treasure by our very nature as new creation beings (II Cor. 5) the justice of God upon injustice. We are imprecational beings. The Psalms are given for and to us for a particular reason. They are our prayers. They … Continue reading

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Lent, Ligon Duncan, and Legalism

Collin Hansen wrote an article for the Gospel Coalition entitled Should You Cancel Good Friday? which has brought to the attention of many a conversation they have never had before. What is Lent? Why celebrate it? As a committed Protestant, I am committed to … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Live (SNL), DJesus Uncrossed, the Romans, the Jews and the God of the Bible

DJesus UnCrossed is SNL’s latest attempt to de-christ Christ. Of course, in our day, Jesus is easy to disrespect. One wonders if SNL would attempt a comedy journey through the life of Muhammad. No further comments needed. David Flowers believes … Continue reading

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In Defiance of God: Inhaling the Poisonous Gas

This morning a group of us from Micah 6:8 joined to read Scriptures and pray at the only abortion clinic in Pensacola. It was a short time of reading and prayer. As the cold weather froze our bodies we realized that we … Continue reading

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Can Christians Use Birth Control?

This is the question tackled by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He concludes: Therefore, Christians may make careful and discriminating use of proper technologies, but must never buy into the contraceptive mentality. We can never see … Continue reading

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Painters Plus in Pensacola, Florida

Honoring others is becoming a lost art, but Paul says in I Thessalonians 5 that honoring those in the congregation is part of our calling. Allow me to honor a dear friend and parishioner, Mark Price.  Mark has endured over these … Continue reading

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Catholics and Romans 13

In a recent conversation with a Lutheran pastor here in Milton, Florida we discussed the nature of the Roman Catholic revelations of abuse in the church,which has been going on for decades. In my mind, the issue boils down to … Continue reading

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Interview with Dr. Daniel Ritchie at Trinity Talk

It was a pleasure to interview Dr. Ritchie on the topic of Biblical Ethics. Dr. Ritchie is a fine scholar who has published quite a bit in his young academic career.  I am sure to see more of his writings … Continue reading

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The God who relents and Federal Vision Theology

The topic of the “immutability” of God has gone through various adjustments and disputations in these last 20 years in the church. In the past, older commentators seemed to close their theological eyes to such difficult passages (God “repented,” “relented,” … Continue reading

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Waterboarding is Torture by Malcolm Nance

I’d like to digress from my usual analysis of insurgent strategy and tactics to speak out on an issue of grave importance to Small Wars Journal readers. We, as a nation, are having a crisis of honor.

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Vos, Misconceptions, and Legalism

Those who have survived the fury of legalism,1 understand its deadly claim on individuals. After many years under legalistic teaching one begins to realize that the overwhelming nature of duty can never be alleviated or diminished by/through the nature of … Continue reading

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The Deplorable Obama and the Biblical Imperative

According to ABC News, Senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is “age-appropriate,” is “the right thing to do.” Plan Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger once wrote: “More children … Continue reading

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Partial Birth Abortion banned…not really!

I have often wondered how much Christians have surrendered their ethics to the ethics of this world. It has been so long since God’s Word prevailed, that we have lost sight of what is right and what is wrong, being … Continue reading

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The Incorrigible Son and the Implications for our Modern Era, Introduction

As a theonomist/theocrat, nothing is more critical than establishing a Biblical view of ethics. Throughout the Reformation, sermons were preached in Geneva 1 and in other parts of Europe attempting to establish an ethical system that would faithfully represent all of … Continue reading

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The Basis of Obligation…

In Arthur Holmes’ Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions, he summarizes three bases of obligation. These three are a) Obligation as self-imposed, b) Obligation as imposed by people, or c) Obligation imposed by God. Let me summarize these three positions. Obligation Is … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part XIII, Lewis and Charity

Lewis’ discussion on charity is captivating and simple. It is in essence the summary of the law. Love is that great attribute of God that spurs us to love others and to obey God. This point is worth stressing. Love … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part XI, Lewis and War

Little Jack   Pacifism from its very foundation is immoral. It must be noted that of the countries liberated in World War II by the American and British troops (such as Poland and other European nations) are largely pacifists of … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part VI

In this final book,[1] Lewis speaks about the “so what” of the Christian life. Book III on Christian Behaviour goes far beyond the theological snobbery. In past times in Church History, theology was not seen as being application. This idea … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part IV

The second book entitled What Christians Believe deals with alternatives to the Christian faith. Lewis first establishes that though other religions are inherently wrong as a whole, yet Christians cannot categorically affirm that they have nothing to offer that is … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part II

  C.S. Lewis begins his discussion by applying the argument from morality. The general idea is that man in whatever circumstance he finds himself, is fully aware of a standard. For the atheist, that standard is circumstantial (or so he … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity – Analysis and Application Part I

Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity. A Touchstone Book, Published by Simon & Schuster. New York, NY. 1952. This classic is drawn from three separate parts. The first is The Case for Christianity, then Christian Behaviour, and finally Beyond Personality. All three … Continue reading

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To Curse or Not to Curse, that is the question. Analyzing the usage of “God” and cursing in our conversation

This paper will intend to deal in an inconclusive manner with the question of the use of “God” and general “cursing”[1] in the life of the Christian. Though it is foreseeable that some will disagree, nevertheless it should help to … Continue reading

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Abortion Must Stop…

Prime Minister says Abortion MUST Stop for unborn girls We must end the crime of female foeticide. We must eliminate gender disparity,” Singh said in an address to the nation.

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Lofton takes on Abortionists…

Try defending abortion against John Lofton and this is what happens! Lofton has a gift for making ungodly thinking look moronic! Read interview…

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Alito on Abortion

I realize I may be making statements that are too obvious for those who are committed the Christian world and life view. But again, most America evangelicals do not boast on their commitment to a distinctly Biblical view of life. … Continue reading

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The Just War Theory and the War in Iraq

The purpose of this paper is to interact with the war in Iraq; whether it is justified or not in light of the Just War Theory and examine both positions before coming to a reasonable conclusion. Since the question at … Continue reading

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