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Saturday Night Live (SNL), DJesus Uncrossed, the Romans, the Jews and the God of the Bible

DJesus UnCrossed is SNL’s latest attempt to de-christ Christ. Of course, in our day, Jesus is easy to disrespect. One wonders if SNL would attempt a comedy journey through the life of Muhammad. No further comments needed. David Flowers believes … Continue reading

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Food Laws and Vegetarianism

A few thoughts: a) Yes, vegetarianism was THE diet of our forefathers. At that point, death had not entered the world, so animals were not part of the pre-fall nutrition system. b) Why vegetarianism? Because it was the first creation, … Continue reading

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The Dominion Covenant

I have begun reading through some portions of Gary North’s first work on Genesis as I read through the biblical account of Genesis. In this 1982 commentary, North attempts  to offer a distinctly Christian view of economics. Going against the … Continue reading

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Genesis 6, Giants, and Ungodliness

Recently an old acquaintance requested an old sermon of mine on Genesis 6. This gentleman and I had discussed the strange elements of the text many years ago, and recently he wanted to re-acquaint himself with my thoughts on this … Continue reading

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The Greater Joseph; or, Ruler Over All

One of my goals this year is to read through Genesis 12 times.  It has been quite  a profitable exercise. The Genesis story reveals the story of all redemption with pictures and images of things to come. Joseph’s authority in … Continue reading

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Food and Temptation

Much of the Sacred Scriptures deal with food. Food has both a nurturing dimension and a testing dimension. When eaten accordingly, it nurtures; when eaten at the wrong time it is a sign of failure. Adam and Even fell as … Continue reading

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How to Understand the Gospels

Here are a few thoughts to consider when reading and preaching the gospels during this Easter season: First, we need to be very cautious not to overlook the biblical details in the text. Details like a face cloth (John 20) … Continue reading

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God’s Covenant with Abraham

When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty; walk before me, and be blameless, 2 that I may make my covenant between me and you, and may multiply you … Continue reading

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Jacob and Christ

Jacob humbled himself and served Laban so that he could have his bride. Christ humbled himself and served his Father unto death, so that He would receive His bride, the Church.

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Górecki Third Symphony: In search of peace

As I prepare for a sermon this coming Lord’s Day, I have searched for music that would express the peace of being overcome by the power of God. Jacob’s wrestling with God is a war for identity and only God … Continue reading

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God wrestles with Jacob

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Old Testament scholars generally differ in how God should be addressed both in the liturgy of the church and in doing Biblical or Systematic theology. James Jordan has argued that in Genesis 14:18-20 “the name of God in use among … Continue reading

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Mark Futato and Reformed Fundamentalism…

Do not fear, Futato is not a fundamentalist! In the middle of one of his lectures in Hebrew exegesis he made this striking comment about a conversation he had with a friend. The friend mentioned to him that the difference … Continue reading

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James Jordan on Gnosticism

I have recently read through James Jordan’s Creation in Six Days: A Defense of the Traditional Reading of Genesis 1. Though I am not certain I concur with all his conclusions, nevertheless Jim Jordan offers a compelling case to reject … Continue reading

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