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Greg Bahnsen’s Helpful Reminder

In the first introductory lecture on Political Ethics, Greg Bahnsen reminded his students that there are three main types of Christians: Doctrinarians, pietists, and transformationalists. Bahnsen reminded his students that if we isolate any one of those qualities we fail … Continue reading

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The Christian Apologists’ Argument

In various forms, the fundamental argument advanced by the Christian apologist is that the Christian worldview is true because of the impossibility of the contrary. — Greg Bahnsen

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Randy Booth on the Life and Legacy of Greg Bahnsen

On this program, we interviewed Rev. Randy Booth. We discussed the legacy of the late Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen. Pastor Randy Booth has been an ordained minister for 25 years. He is the director of Covenant Media Foundation, and is … Continue reading

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Presuppositional Apologetics by Greg Bahnsen

Coming soon… Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended, Greg L. Bahnsen Hardback, 289 pages

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A Reformed View of Apologetics, Part 1

Editor’s Note: In these posts, I have tried to offer a simple introduction to Presuppositional apologetics. Many in our day are unaware of the incredible influence of Professor Cornelius Van Til. These posts serve to distinguish the Reformed View of … Continue reading

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Bahnsen on Youtube…

Finally, Professor Bahnsen’s lecture on the “Myth of Neutrality” on Youtube. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Free Bahnsen/Stein Debate on the Existence of God

One of the greatest debates in modern history occurred over 10 years ago…now it’s free. Bahnsen’s great debate with Gordon Stein for a penny.  The CMF description reads: This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter … Continue reading

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Quote, Press the Antithesis

The antithesis between followers of God and followers of Satan is sovereignly inflicted as God’s judicial curse. This enmity is not only social but also intellectual in nature, and, therefore, to ignore it in our apologetic is to compromise the … Continue reading

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A Basic Thesis for Theonomy

A likely misunderstanding of ethics would be to assume that God has left no standard or moral compass for guiding how we ought to live and how society ought to be governed. The reason By This Standard is such an … Continue reading

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Greg Bahnsen speaks on war…

Professor Greg Bahnsen, whose death 10 years ago was a defeat for the Christian Apologetic world, but a victory for God’s great providence, has left us with some great treasures in a myriad of topics. In a radio interview recorded … Continue reading

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Ten Years after Greg Bahnsen

On December 10th, a group of friends, associates and admirers will gather for a dinner to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing of a man who was hardly a household name, but perhaps ought to be. He is the … Continue reading

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