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Is the Gospel a Story?

Leslie Fields goes through great length to emphasize that once we abandon propositional truth, we also abandon the richness of the Creeds and other Biblical genres. For a narratival enthusiast–such as myself–this is a helpful reminder. As she summarizes: God’s … Continue reading

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Where is the New World Hermeneutic?

I have come to conclude that one of the great failures of modern evangelical hermeneutic is missing the new world. A theology of a new and re-created world where the old system has been demolished and transformed is precisely what … Continue reading

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Baptistic Conclusions

Doug Wilson observes: “Many Christians have come to baptistic conclusions because they simply took a Bible and a concordance, and then looked up every incident of baptism in the New Testament. This is objectionable, not because they studied these pasages … Continue reading

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How to Understand the Gospels

Here are a few thoughts to consider when reading and preaching the gospels during this Easter season: First, we need to be very cautious not to overlook the biblical details in the text. Details like a face cloth (John 20) … Continue reading

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Typology for the Old Testament

There are many who find typology helpful. I once had a professor come from WTS (West) to teach a class on the prophets who appeared to be inebriated with typology. Rightly so, typology is glorious. However, for this professor, typology … Continue reading

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What about the Grammatical Historical Method?

I affirm and use the grammatical historical method in all my study of Scriptures, but I do not think it is the only method to use in our study or sermon preparation. If the Bible is one history with many … Continue reading

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The text and the event

Biblical theologians stress rightly the significance of redemptive history. But the events of history can never be divorced from the biblical text. As Waltke argues: “.. texts not only record history but also interpret the events through certain perspectives (Waltke, … Continue reading

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The Problem with “Plain Sense” – by Dennis Bratcher

A question I often hear in Sunday School classes or in discussions about the meaning of Scripture is: Why can’t we just take the Bible for what it says, at face value, “literally”? If what it says makes plain sense, … Continue reading

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