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How I Have Changed

I spent a couple of hours today chatting with an old friend of mine. He is now a pastor of a Lutheran congregation. He is a fine fellow whom I long to re-acquaint face to face with a pipe and … Continue reading

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Lent, Ligon Duncan, and Legalism

Collin Hansen wrote an article for the Gospel Coalition entitled Should You Cancel Good Friday? which has brought to the attention of many a conversation they have never had before. What is Lent? Why celebrate it? As a committed Protestant, I am committed to … Continue reading


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Justification: Five Views

In wondering why there isn’t a Lutheran view represented in the Five Views book, the editor observes: Our response is that Horton’s traditional Reformed view is functionally identical in all the significant theological aspects to the traditional Lutheran view.

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Calvin, the Nuanced Scholar and Ecumenical Genius

There is high nuance in Calvin’s language. It is true that he can be quite direct at times. For instance, his sermons on Deuteronomy are highly theocratic. His commentaries–depending on what lenses you use–may bring a different picture. I have … Continue reading

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The Foolishness of the Cross…

John Calvin sees that the reason Joseph was sent to Egypt for refuge and nourishment is another demonstration of the foolishness of the cross, which far surpasses the foolishness of the world. The world expected a different scenario, but God … Continue reading

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Calvin and Musical Instruments

One of my strongest disagreements with Calvin concerns  his rejection of musical instrumentation (though Calvin was not gifted musically, yet his music leaders/liturgist put all the psalms into music; it is known as the Genevan Psalter). For instance, in his observations … Continue reading

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John Calvin on Weekly Communion

Concerning the Fourth Lateral Council’s decision that the  faithful should partake of the Lord’s Supper once a year, Kim Riddlebarger’s summarizes Calvin’s position thusly: John Calvin’s desire to see the Reformed churches celebrate the Lord’s Supper frequently is well known. … Continue reading

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Calvin on Acts 2:42 and Weekly Communion

According to Calvin, this passage is significant for any discussion of the frequency of the Lord’s Supper because in it Luke establishes “that this was the practice of the apostolic church…. Thus it became the unvarying rule that no meeting … Continue reading

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The Mouths of Infants

Since, therefore, these monsters, with furious violence, pluck up by the roots, and overthrow whatever godliness and the fear of God there is in the world, and through their hardihood endeavor to do violence to heaven itself, David in mockery of them … Continue reading

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Tasting Grace

The same thing falls within our own experience in the present day; for he who has only tasted a little of the doctrine of the Gospel is more inflamed, and feels much greater energy in that small measure of faith, … Continue reading

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John Calvin on Impermanence

Thus, in our own day, we see many who voluntarily shut their eyes, and spread the clouds of their doubt, in order to darken the clear light of the Gospel. We see also many light spirits, who fly about in … Continue reading

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John Calvin, John 20, and Jewish Emissaries

Calvin writes: It may be thought strange, however, that he does not produce more competent witnesses; for he begins with a woman; but thus the saying is fulfilled, that God chooseth what is weak, and foolish, and contemptible in the world, … Continue reading

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The Most Important Article of our Faith

As the resurrection of Christ is the most important article of our faith, and without it the hope of eternal life is extinguished, for this reason the Evangelists are the more careful to prove it, as John here collects many … Continue reading

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