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Samson’s Mission as Our Mission

The Nazarite was chosen from the womb to serve his God in a unique and powerful way. He was baptized into the service of God to be a warrior; a priest to the nations. We too are baptized into God’s … Continue reading

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Samson: God’s Wave of Wrath

In Judges, the wave of Samson’s wrath is being poured out on the Philistines. You remember that when the Israelites left Egypt to the Promised Land, the Egyptian army persecuting God’s people were immersed in God’s wrath as the waves crashed … Continue reading

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The Pentecosting of the Spirit

In Samson’s narrative there is a three-fold Spirit-rush upon Samson. The Spirit dwells Samson, but it comes in fire-fashion. It strengthens him to accomplish his role as judge. Similarly, we are called to call upon the Spirit. Prayer: O, Holy … Continue reading

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Word, Sacrament, Gospel, and Sacred Violence

There is a liturgical pattern that is inherent in the word of the Lord. In Samson’s narrative, the gospel first comes in word, that is: accept this offer to be incorporated into Yahweh’s bride. But the consequence and negative sanction … Continue reading

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Samson, the Better Riddler

Common to Egyptian mythology is the sphinx. The sphinx was the mythical creature with a lion’s body and a human head. Those who could not answer his riddles were eaten by this Egyptian creature. Samson comes along and changes puts … Continue reading

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Ascension and Glory

In Judges 13, Manoah’s sacrifice (ascension offering) is united with the Angel of Yahweh (Jesus). Jesus ascends to God as the perfect aroma. But he does this in front of Manoah and his wife. They are witnesses of his ascension. … Continue reading

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Samson, the Comedian

Leithart observes about Samson: He goes about tearing lions like lambs, posing riddles, lighting foxes on fire, and so on and on. Only moralistic Christians could rob these stories of their inherent humor and interest. Frowning and finger-wagging only makes … Continue reading

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Taming the Bible

From my sermon The Sacred Violence of Judges: Our evangelical culture has tamed the Bible. They have kept our covenant children away from the sacred violence of Judges. Jesus has become the gentle shepherd holding his sheep, instead of the … Continue reading

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Judges and Laughter

Judges is a story of laughter, because history is God’s big laugh. In Psalm 2 we remember that Yahweh laughs at the plans of the wicked. For some of you who are cable-news driven; who love to be aware of … Continue reading

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Biblical Interpretation

Jim Jordan writes in the Introduction to his Judges’ commentary: We do not need some specific New Testament verse to “prove” that a given Old Testament story has symbolic dimension. Rather, such symbolic dimensions are presupposed in the very fact … Continue reading

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Silence concerning Jephthah’s sacrifice…

John Currid says that the “author of Judges neither condemns or praises Jephthah’s acts.” If there is silence in the text, then why are so many scholars quick to assume Jephthah’s sacrifice of his daughter as a literal sacrifice of … Continue reading

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The Return of Jephthah

by Giovanni Pellegrini

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Crushed by rocks…

What is evident in the book of Judges is the seed theology. The repercussion of the ancient battle begun in Genesis 3:15 permeates Judges in at least two examples (many more could be listed):The evil Abimelech’s head is crushed by … Continue reading

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Waltke on Jephtha’s vow…

Bruce Waltke interprets the language of Judges 11 when he speaks of Jephthah’s only daughter “whom he murders (An Old Testament Theology, pg.607).” He argues later that Jephthah breaks the sixth commandment by sacrificing his daughter, which the Prophets condemn … Continue reading

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