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Trinity Talk Interview with Andrew Sandlin on the Life and Theology of Norman Shepherd

    Norman Shepherd: The Man and His Theology Andrew Sandlin is the president for the Center of Cultural Leadership and editor of Obedient Faith: A Festschrift for Norman Shepherd (Mount Hermon, California: Kerygma Press, 2012). You can find more information about the book here.

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Pure Grace

‎”The fact that God is pleased to forgive a sinner who repents is pure grace. Pure grace! It is perfectly true that God does not forgive impenitent sinners; he forgives penitent sinners. That he forgives penitent sinners is a matter … Continue reading

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Law as Friend

Richard Gaffin has this to say about the relationship between Law and Gospel in his book By Faith and not by Sight: “From this perspective, the antithesis between law and gospel is not an end in itself. It is not … Continue reading

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Beatitudinal Observations…

The Sermon on the Mount is filled great controversy. Historically, dispensationalists have seen these teachings/exhortations as futuristic. In other words, they do not apply to a present people, but they are models for the kingdom, which is to come after … Continue reading

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On Daniel Fuller

Mark Horne offers some general observations on Daniel Fuller, which I found helpful in light of current controversies.

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Legal Gospel in Turretin

Douglas Wilson found this gem from Turretin. It should settle the issue, but trust me, it will not. “The Mosaic covenant may be viewed in two aspects: either according to the intention and design of God and in order to … Continue reading

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Law-Gospel Hermeneutic

Mark Horne concludes: The typical interpretations of Luke 10.25-37 and 18.18-30 along the lines of a Law-Gospel hermeneutic are obviously flawed and end up undermining the very doctrine they are trying to protect. They allow Jesus to actually encourage people … Continue reading

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